Five Miss Magazines selected from 2,788 people have beautiful bodies in white bikinis! Average age 18 years old

Haruka Arai, Masakura Goto, Himena Kikuchi, Nagisa Hayakawa, and Riko Otsuki of Miss Magazine 2020 appear in the gravure of the December issue of the manga magazine “Monthly Young Magazine” (Kodansha) on sale. Miss Magazine 2020 Miss Magazine, a beauty pageant sponsored by Kodansha, which started in 1982 and has produced brilliant talents such as Yuki Saito and Fumie Hosokawa in the past. This year, 2,788 people applied, Haruka Arai for the Grand Prix, Masakura Goto for Miss Young Magazine, Himena Kikuchi for Miss Weekly Shonen Magazine, Nagisa Hayakawa for the Reader Special Award, and Riko Otsuki for the Jury Special Award. In gravure, 5 people with an average age of 18 are all appearing. I was fascinated by the white bikini that stands out with a beautiful body and the appearance that five people enjoyed together and powerfully.