Kunikazu Katsumata and Akiko Wada became bullish “I thought I could die”

Talent Kunikazu Katsumata appeared in a video released on the 17th on his official YouTube channel “Katsumata Katsumata” and talked about how he became bullish on Akiko Wada. Kunikazu Katsumata In the video released under the title “[Why is Katsumata bullish on Akiko Wada?]”, Katsumata decided to challenge the bungee jump when it was on the TBS program “Akko entrusts you!” However, I would like to introduce a case where I could not fly during the production and was given the opportunity to bungee again. However, no matter how many times I was called “3, 2, 1, bungee!”, I still couldn’t take a step, and it was said that I would “crush” my feelings at that time (if I didn’t fly from Wada). So I thought, “It’s over here.” I thought, “No, I’ll spit it all out at the end.” Katsumata said, “Akko-san said,’Why don’t you fly!’, So I said,’Urusei! Yeah, let’s do this! Why should I fly for your birthday! You! “Come and fly! Come on!”, And even if he said, “What a Katsumata! That way of saying!” I’m going to blow it away and leave the entertainment world! ”While screaming, I ran out of oxygen and I fell down.” Fortunately, Katsumata, who recovered immediately, decided to return to TBS. Convinced that the end of the entertainment world was decided, he apologized to Wada for not being able to fly the bungee and ranting, and bowed, “Thank you for a long time.” Then, Wada laughed and praised him, saying, “You’re so funny! I laughed the most this year! That character is eh!” Katsumata said, “It’s since then. I’ve come to be able to say to Akko-san,’Hey!’,’Do it well!’,’What are you doing!'”, “I didn’t think anyone really thought. It’s a weak dog howling that I thought “I can die”. Akko was amused by that and it was OK. From the next week onward, I was able to say anything. ” ..