NiziU for “Reco Dai” Special Award, “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and others BTS for Special International Music Award

The winners and songs of the “62nd Shining! Japan Record Awards” (17: 30-22: 00), which will be broadcast live on TBS on December 30, were announced on the 20th. Winners and songs of the “62nd Shining! Japan Record Awards” are decided. The “Excellent Work Award”, which is a candidate for the grand prize, was selected by Daichi Miura’s “I’m Here” and pure “Love”. Please ~ Don’t you cry ~ ”, Little Glee Monster’s“ Footprints ”, Eito’s“ Kousui ”, Nogizaka46’s“ Neighbors around the world ”, DISH //“ Neko ~ THE FIRST TAKE ver. ~ , AKB48’s “Even if you’re away”, Kiyoshi Hikawa’s “Mother”, DA PUMP’s “Fantasista”, and LiSA’s “Flame”. Naoki Sanada, Novelbright, Mameshiba no Taihora, and Rinne were selected as candidates for the “Best Newcomer Award”. “Special prizes” are Uru, “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, NiziU, Seiko Matsuda, Kenshi Yonezu. In addition, BTS was selected for the “Special International Music Award”.

“62nd Shining! Japan Record Awards” Winners & Songs

[Excellent Work Award]
“I’m Here” Daichi Miura
“Please give me love ~ Don’t you cry ~” Junretsu
“Footprints” Little Glee Monster
“Perfume” Eito
“Neighbors all over the world” Nogizaka46
“Neko ~ THE FIRST TAKE ver. ~” DISH //
“Even if you are away” AKB48
“Mother” Kiyoshi Hikawa
“Fantasista” DA PUMP
“Flame” LiSA[Rookie Award]
Sanada Naoki
Horde of Mameshiba
Rinne[Special Award]
Devil’s Blade
Seiko Matsuda
Kenshi Yonezu[Special International Music Award]
BTS[Special Achievement Award]
Azusa Michiyo
Shingo Kobayashi
Jackie Yoshikawa
Kyohei Tsutsumi
Katsuhisa Hattori
Mieko Hirota
Toshiaki Maeda
Masahito Maruyama[Best Singing Award]
Kohei Fukuda (C) TBS