On the 13th day of the Grand Sumo Tournament in November, Takakagekatsu faced Shimanoumi and was the sole top wrestler.

The 13th day of the Grand Sumo Tournament on November 13th, Kikeikatsu, the sole top match against Shimanoumi, alone top November 20 at 7:28 p.m.

On the 13th day of the Grand Sumo Tournament in November, Takakatsu Oseki won a one-loss direct showdown with Shimanoumi in Hiramaku and was at the top of the standings alone.
It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

Tenkukai of the new curtain in the Chiyomaru of 10 cars, Chiyomaru won by sticking out.

The country of Chiyo is pushed out by the country of Chiyo in Mt. Toyoyama.

Chiyo Shoma is pushed down by Chiyo Shoma.

In the sea of Shibata, the sea of Sada is cut off.

To Ayanowawa, Akio won the game with an extruded push.

Emitsu Tsuji is thrown out well by Ichino Castle.

Toyoshoryu is built in Mt. Sasayama.

Endo won the game with a hard-ought victory over Chiyo Dairyu.

Tokukatsu Ryu and Kitakatsu Fuji came close to Shohoku Katsufuji.

The sea of Oki is cut off by the mind of Hagino.
The sea of Oki is a defeat.

To shine, the onion is pushed out.
Teru has lost.

Daieisho is cut off by Takarafuji.

Abusaki pushed down The Katsumine to Takesaki.

Wakatakakei is pushed down by Wakatakakei in The Myogiryu.

Teru strength is cut off by Mt. Kirima.

Takayasu kicks back to Shosaru.

Ryuden defended their two defeats with Terunofuji pushing out.

The best thing about Taka’s victory in the Sea of Ontake is that Takashi’s victory is pushed down.

Kashiwa Oseki: Takakagekatsu won the direct showdown between Hiramaku and Shimanoumi with one loss.

November place, after the 13th day,
Kikeikatsu stands alone at the top with one loss,
Terunofuji and Shimanoumi are following us with two losses.