Remdessivir WHO Announces Guidelines Not Recommended for Administration to Inpatients

Remdessivir WHO Announces Guidelines not to Recommend Administration to Inpatients November 20 at 10:54 AM

With regard to the antiviral drug Lemdasivir, which has been specially approved in Japan as a treatment for the new coronavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has published a guideline that it is not recommended to be administered to hospitalized patients, as “there was no significant effect leading to a decrease in mortality” as a result of analyzing clinical trials around the world.
WHO today analyzed clinical trials of inpatients around the world using the antiviral drug Rendesivir and published treatment guidelines.

As a result, there was “no significant effect” on the decrease in mortality rates, the need for ventilators, and the time it takes to improve symptoms.

For this reason, the WHO says that “regardless of the mild and severe symptoms, administration to inpatients is not recommended.”

Gilead Sciences, the U.S. pharmaceutical company that developed Lemdesivir, has not received an official response, but when the WHO published preliminary results of its own clinical trial last month, it expressed concern that WHO data had not yet been rigorously verified and contradicted the effectiveness shown in other clinical trials so far.

For Remdessivir, the U.S. FDA-Food and Drug Administration approved its emergency use in May, and in response to this, Japan approved its special use, and was officially approved last month in the United States as a treatment for the new coronavirus.