Representative of Ritsumin Edano Go To Travel Suspended in the infected area

Representative of Ritsumin Edano Go To Travel Suspended temporarily in areas where infection has spread November 20, 16:25 Regarding “Go To Travel”, Representative Edano of the Constitutional Democratic Party told reporters that tourist operators in areas where infection has spread. He expressed the idea that the business should be suspended by taking compensation measures for. Among them, Mr. Edano commented on the government’s measure to stimulate tourism demand, “Go To Travel,” saying, “Reservations have already been canceled one after another. The government continues its business not to protect tourists but to the issue of mens. I have to say that it is. “

On top of that, Mr. Edano said, “In areas where the infection has spread, we should stop temporarily and urgently make compensation for cancellations one after another to support the predicament of tourism-related businesses at the moment.” And expressed the idea that the business should be suspended.

On the other hand, Mr. Edano said that the “Go To Campaign” itself, including “Go To Travel”, is a necessary business to support the economy, but in order to prevent infection and operate it properly, the number of inspections is required. I reiterated the recognition that it is necessary to increase the number of.

Constitutional Democratic Party Chairman “It has become a’Go To political affairs'”

“Despite the sharp rise in the number of infected people, the government has not stopped the Go To Campaign, and it is ineffective. Infection,” said the Constitutional Democratic Party’s chairman of the National Assembly’s Countermeasures Committee. In order to curb the spread, it is necessary to stop the system once while keeping it. I think that it has become a “Go To political affair”, and I want to make it a final session of the Diet that urges Prime Minister Kan to make a decision. ”