Ryota Fujii 200 wins in total 18 years and 4 months The youngest player in history

Ryota Fujii 200 wins total 18 years and 4 months The youngest ever top player November 20 20:22

Shogi’s Ryota Fujii won the match on the 20th to achieve a total of 200 wins. At the age of 18 years and four months, he is the youngest player in history.

On the 20th, Fujii Ryota Nikan played against Kimura Ichidai Kudan in the challenger-decision league match of one of the eight major titles, “Oshoso”, at Shogi Kaikan in Tokyo.

Kimura Kudan, against which Fujii Nikan won four consecutive titles in this summer’s “championship” seventh game, and Fujii Nikan won the match at 7:20 p.m. with 101 hands.

According to the Japan Shogi Federation, Fujii Nikan has now achieved a total of 200 wins in four years and one month since joining the professional team, with a record of 200 wins and 40 losses, including games that have not been broadcast on TV.

Fujii Nikan is now 18 years and 4 months old, and he is the youngest player to reach 200 wins, surpassing Hanyu Zenji Kudan’s 19 years and 1 month.

On the other hand, the period from professional to 200 wins is the second shortest after Hanyu Kudan’s three years and 11 months.

Fujii Nikan after the game,
“We were busy at the beginning of the match, but I think we managed to get stuck in the end,” he recalls, and when asked about achieving 200 wins, he said, “I wasn’t aware of it at all, but I’d like to continue to work hard to build up my ability.”

Fujii Nikan won three games in a row after losing three games in a row, but will not remain in the league, and will participate in next year’s match against Osho from the second qualifying round.