Visiting your favorite coffee shop with Hiroji Miyamoto’s “Hirunandesu!”

Rock band Elephant Kashimashi’s Hiroji Miyamoto will appear on the NTV information variety program “Hirunandesu!” (Every Monday to Friday from 11:55), which will be broadcast on the 23rd. Hiroji Miyamoto = Provided by NTV Miyamoto visits popular coffee shops in Tokyo with Eiji Kotoge and Rina Sato announcers. In fact, Miyamoto, who loves big coffee shops, said, “I like drinking coffee, enjoying the space unique to such a shop, and above all, relaxing in that space. There are shops with magazines and newspapers, and there are shops with newspapers. On the contrary, I used to get a lot of work done, and the lyrics suddenly popped up in the past. ” At the fluffy omelet rice, a specialty of the coffee shop “YOU” in Ginza, you can also try food lipo. I couldn’t stop because of the deliciousness, and Kotoge said, “Isn’t it the fastest in the history of television? There aren’t many people who eat at that speed.” In addition, at the coffee shop “Kojo” in Ueno, you can sample Napolitan, which has been passed down since its establishment, and eat it all at once. And while waiting for the food, there is also a valuable episode talk at the time of debut. He will present a rare part-time job episode called “Weeding at the Mexican Embassy” that he experienced when he was young.