Alice Hirose’s walk weather “Chihiro Art Museum” touches children’s dreams and hopes

Actress Alice Hirose’s personality is TOKYO FM’s new program “Nisshin MCT Oil Presents” Alice Hirose’s Walk Weather “”. Every Saturday afternoon, this is a radio program where you can enjoy the feeling of “walking” with her in the city of Tokyo.

This month’s theme is “Autumn of Art”, “Museum Walk” to enrich your heart. In the broadcast on Saturday, November 7, we landed in Shimoshakujii, Nerima-ku, and visited the “Chihiro Art Museum” by picture book painter Chihiro Iwasaki.

Personality Alice Hirose

Today, I came to Shimoshakujii in Nerima Ward. It seems that there is a very nice museum in this city. Let’s walk there!

The starting point is Kamishakujii Sports Center. There is also a heated pool, grounds, tennis courts and a Kyudo hall.

“I want to go to the sports center! If you take a walk after exercising, your body will become very light. That’s why you can walk more than usual.”

Then, I will walk along the Shimoshakujii shopping street. When I entered the residential area beyond the osteopathic clinic and beauty salon, I saw a red building. Introducing this time is the Chihiro Art Museum, which is a 7-minute walk from Kami-Igusa Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line.

Chihiro Iwasaki, a picture book painter who continued to draw the preciousness of his existence, wishing for the happiness of children with a touch that gently wraps around. The Chihiro Art Museum is built on the site of her home and atelier, where she spent the last 22 years and produced numerous works.

* * *

Tachihiro’s work, which experienced war in his youth, contains the idea that the tragic events that take away children’s dreams, hopes, and even their lives should never happen again.

At the Chihiro Art Museum, there is also an exhibition of Chihiro’s room, which was called “Chihiro’s Atelier” and was restored from the state around 1972 when Chihiro’s work was most fulfilling.

You can experience the special feeling of being in the way of the actual living space. There is a piano, and you can see Chihiro’s painting materials up close.

It’s also a perfect place for the “First Museum,” a museum that children visit for the first time in their lives. If you have a chance, please come visit us.

* * *

From the impressions of the program and the people who sent you recommended walking spots, we will give away Nissin MCT oil to 10 people every month by lottery! We are waiting for your application from the program HP.

Before taking a walk or exercising, please take Nissin MCT oil in your drink or put it on your lunch salad.

Next week, I will go for a walk to the art space in Chiyoda Ward!

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