Flying salmon on a ropeway Where is it going?

Flying salmon on a ropeway Where is it going? November 21st 14:31 k10012724391_202011211503_202011211503.mp4 The “Saketoba”, which hangs salmon on a ropeway gondola and makes food for bears on a bear farm, began operating on the ropeway at Noboribetsu Onsen in Hokkaido from the 21st. .. The “Saketoba” is operated on a 1.2km long ropeway that connects Noboribetsu Bear Park and Noboribetsu Onsen in Noboribetsu City, and 20 salmon are hung and exposed to cold air to feed the bears. make.

It started to be enjoyed by tourists, and this is the 9th time.

This year’s salmon was unfished and the price was high, but 200 salmon from Hokkaido were prepared so that tourists could enjoy the scenery unique to Hokkaido and bears could eat delicious salmon. is.

A teenage woman from Nagoya said, “Salmon looks delicious and I envy bears.”

Hirokatsu Yoshida of Noboribetsu Bear Park said, “I want visitors to experience the uniqueness of Hokkaido. It’s a little early for bears, but it’s a New Year’s gift.”

The hung salmon is said to become a salmon that bears can eat in about a week.

The Saketoba service is scheduled to continue until the end of March next year.