If you aim to save 10 million yen, let’s create an “automatic saving mechanism”!

◆ If you save money, you can definitely save by payroll deduction
“Savings of 10 million yen” that everyone wants to achieve. It’s a long way to go, but what should we do to do that? We asked Mr. Tadashi Fujikawa, a financial planner.

For those who want to save 10 million yen, the first goal is to save 1 million yen. For that purpose, we will work on “creating a system to save” once the amount of reserve is decided. Accumulation is effective only if it is continued.

“The biggest point is to choose a product with a system that can be easily continued without worrying about the advantages and disadvantages of interest rates. Once you complete the procedure, there are products that can be automatically accumulated, so from among them Let’s choose “(Mr. Fujikawa)

Typical examples are property accumulation savings and automatic savings time deposits. All of them have high principal security, so you can use them with confidence. Property Accumulation Savings is an abbreviation for Workers’ Asset Formation Savings, a system that promotes workers’ asset formation.

“Since we will save money by payroll deduction, even the most crazy people can save money. Also, since you have to go through the department in charge of your workplace to withdraw, you can prevent easy cancellation and save money. It’s perfect for you “(Mr. Fujikawa)

However, in order to use it, it is necessary that the workplace has a financial form system. Ask the department in charge such as general affairs about the existence of the system.

In addition, some companies have a fixed application period for property accumulation savings. If you have to wait a few months before the next time, you can also use the automatic savings time deposit introduced below as a bridge.

◆ Automatic savings time deposits are used at banks with payroll accounts
“If your employer does not have a property accumulation savings system, the bank’s automatic savings time deposit is an option.” (Mr. Fujikawa)

It is a very popular funded product handled by banks, etc., but “If you want to use it, we recommend a bank with a payroll account.

If you set the day to transfer to the savings account to the business day following the payroll transfer date, you can save money in the same way as payroll deductions “(Mr. Fujikawa). Once you have decided on the means of saving, complete the procedure as soon as possible and start!

Interview / text: Machiko Mann Supervision: Tadashi Fujikawa (Financial Planner)

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