On the first day of the three-day holiday at Tokyo Station, there were many tourists heading to various places.

On the first day of the three consecutive holidays, many tourists head to Tokyo Station at 2:05 p.m. on November 21.

On the 21st of the first day of the three consecutive holidays, many tourists headed to various places by using Go To Travel at Tokyo Station.
On the morning of the 21st, many people with large carry cases and souvenir bags come and went to Tokyo Station, and on the platform of the Shinkansen, there were a line of passengers waiting for the train.

JR East has not announced the status of the reservation or the ride rate, but in the morning, passengers were sitting on more than half of the seats on the Shinkansen to Tohoku, Niigata, and Kanazawa.

A man in his thirties heading to Niigata said, “I’m going to see my transferred friend. It’s a great opportunity to use the Go To campaign, so I’m looking forward to seeing you again.”

As the spread of the new coronavirus spread throughout the country, some people said they were worried about going on a trip, and a woman in her 70s heading to Miyagi said, “My grandson wants to take the Shinkansen, so I had planned it for a month. The spread of the infection is annoying, but I’ve cut it off.”

A woman in her 40s who visits a shrine in Yamagata said, “I’m worried about the spread of infection, but since it’s a trip I’ve been looking forward to, I want to go sightseeing while taking measures such as disinfection.”

The appearance of the people of the travel and the homecoming in Sendai station

At JR Sendai Station, people who visited Miyagi Prefecture on trips and homecomings from Tokyo and other places were seen, and people said they wanted to spend their holidays taking measures against infection.

At JR Sendai Station, people who visited on a trip or homecoming from the morning of the 21st came out of the ticket gate one after another with a suitcase etc. in masks.

A woman from Tokyo said, “I want to go around Sendai Station and Matsushima, a tourist attraction, with my friends. I’ve been measuring my temperature every day and I’ve checked it, but I don’t want to go out of the hotel at night.”

A man in his thirties in Kanagawa Prefecture, who returned to Sendai city where his wife’s parents live for the first time in a year, said, “There may be a risk of infection when traveling in such an environment, but I also have a strong desire to show my grandchildren to my parents, so I came back with good physical condition management. I don’t want to go out to play, I want to spend time at home.”