SoftBank wins first round of Professional Baseball Japan Series against Giants

Professional Baseball Japan Series Round 1 SoftBank wins first place against Giants November 21 at 10:41 p.m.

The first game of the Professional Baseball and Japan Series was held at Kyocera Dome Osaka on the evening of the 21st, and SoftBank beat the Giants 5-1.
This year’s Japan Series was a match between SoftBank, which is aiming for its first four consecutive titles in the Pa-League, and the Giants, who are aiming to become the best team in Japan in eight years.

The first match on the evening of the 21st was held at Kyocera Dome Osaka because the Tokyo Dome, home of the Giants, cannot be used in urban baseball for working people.

Softbank opened the game with a two-run homer in the fifth and Kurihara Ryoya’s two-run homer in the second inning, and Kurihara hit his third hit of the game with a two-run, timely two-base hit to extend the lead to four runs.

In the eighth inning, Second base player NAKAMURA Ryo hit a timely hit and touted it.

The starting ace, Daisuke Chiga, hit three straights over 150 kilometers in the seventh inning and gave up no runs and won the game 5-1.

The losing Giants lost four runs in six innings by starting pitcher Tomoyuki Kanno, who gave up four runs, but only one of the sacrifice fly in the ninth inning.

The second match on the 22nd will also be held at Kyocera Dome Osaka from 6:10 p.m.

Ace’s fight, Chiga’s going to win.

It was the first game of the Japan Series in which two aces representing the baseball world threw each other.

Softbank pitcher Kaoru Chiga was appointed as the starting pitcher for the first game of the Japan Series for the fourth year in a row. It’s a mound I’m on, so I can calm down and pass as usual.”

The first round of the giant middle axis that greeted. Sakamoto Hayato, the No.3 player, struck out with a fork ball with a large drop. Kazuma Okamoto, no.4, broke his bat in the in-course straight and made a catcher’s foul fly. On this day, Marushima Hiroshi, no.5, missed the fastest 159 kilometers of the in-course and struck out. I screwed it down by force and attracted the flow.

In particular, Okamoto’s second at-bat was also a thorough in-course attack. This at-bat turned into a foreball, but in the third at-bat he turned around and chased four pitches in a row on the out-course, and finally got stuck in the straight of the in-course again for the first fly. I didn’t let the young No.4, who had the home run king and RBI king, make his own swing.

“We were able to bring the important first match to a good flow with the whole team,” chiga said. He hit three hits in seven innings as an ace and gave up no runs. We showed a dignified pitching.

On the other hand, Giants pitcher Tomoyuki Kanno struck out No.1 Zhoudong Kyokyo, who was wary of the game, and No.3 and Yanagida Sanuki, the main players, to hold them to a three-pointer, but in the second inning, they allowed their first hit to the top four and Gracial, followed by Kurihara Ryoya with the ball. The slider from the two-ball came in sweetly and hit a two-run homer.

“Kyocera Dome Osaka has the impression that home runs are easy to hit, and there are a lot of batters who can hit home runs, so we will be wary of long hits,” said Kanno. He hit a home run that he should have been careful about early on, allowing four runs in six innings. We couldn’t lead the team to victory.

Kurihara, who became a batting hero at SoftBank, is a 24-year-old who has grown with 17 home runs this season. In the second game of the Climax Series, he had five hits and no hits, but in the Japan Series, he said he was “really nervous” and showed his strongness in the first swing of his first at-bat. In the sixth inning, he had three hits and four RBI, including a two-out first baseman, Kanno’s fork ball, and a valuable two-run double.

Softbank showed its strength by throwing for the fourth consecutive year in Japan. The Giants’ batting average, which ended in one run on four hits, is likely to be the key to the second game.