Temptation of MUCC / Tatsurou and DEZERT / Chiaki !? “Would you like to sleep together once?”

The TOKYO FM program “JACK IN THE RADIO”, in which the vocalist Tatsurou of the rock band MUCC serves as a personality. Chiaki-san (vocals) from the 4-member band DEZERT will appear on the broadcast on Saturday, November 14th! He talked about a manga called “Sake no Hosodo” that he is addicted to recently.

(From left) Chiaki-san, Tatsurou

Chiaki: I like the main character. It’s really “normal”. It’s the most ordinary hero, or just a “liquor-loving old man”. No one hurt anything.

Tatsurou: But, this kind of manga continues the most.

Chiaki: Certainly. I like “Oishinbo”, but after all … For example, I like “Attack on Titan”, but I think it’s emotional. Something like “this character is cool” or “wow, this person is sorry”. There is really no such thing in “Sake no Hosodo”. I don’t care about the next one. That’s why it’s the best entertainment. I like things that you can watch without thinking about anything.

Tatsurou: That’s why I usually think too much about the details.

Chiaki: But do you have a “when you don’t think”?

Tatsurou: Me? There are times when I think about it (laughs).

Chiaki: Do you turn off the lights before going to bed?

Tatsurou: Yes.

Chiaki: It’s impossible.

Tatsurou: Are you scared? There will be ghosts (laughs).

Chiaki: No, no (laughs). I can’t sleep when I think “let’s sleep”. What do you do if you wear a futon?

Tatsurou: Go to bed.

Chiaki: Can you sleep right away?

Tatsurou: You can go to bed right away.

Chiaki: You can’t sleep, so you think about something. I don’t like that, so I watch content that I don’t have to think about. I can’t even listen to music, because I think about it. So it’s like watching basketball or watching anime and waiting to fall asleep.

Tatsurou: I’m going to sleep right away … Would you like to sleep with me once?

Tatsurou Chiaki: Ahahahaha (laughs).

Chiaki: That’s interesting (laughs).

Tatsurou: I just turn off the lights (laughs). I can sleep even if it is on.

Chiaki: It’s been a long time ago. I’m thinking about something.

Tatsurou: That’s right. You want to think about it forever. So, when I get tired of it, I forcibly switch it off in a mode where I don’t think about anything.

Chiaki: That’s right.

Tatsurou: Hey, I’m tired.

Chiaki: It’s a recent problem.

Tatsurou: I’m already thinking about the problem of “why do you think about it?” (Laughs).

Chiaki: That’s right (laughs).

◎ Tetsu Takano (Vo) and Yasunori Sakurazawa (Dr) will appear from ZIGZO on “JACK IN THE RADIO” broadcast on Saturday, November 21st. Please look forward to it!

Program name: JACK IN THE RADIO
Broadcast date and time: Every Saturday from 25:30 to 26:00
Personality: Tatsurou (MUCC)
Program website: https://www.tfm.co.jp/jack