“AI on behalf of telephone response employees” Spreading the use of companies due to labor shortage

“AI on behalf of telephone response employees” November 22, 13:15 due to labor shortage

In order to solve the labor shortage, companies are focusing on the use of AI = artificial intelligence. Ai is accepting applications and requests by phone on behalf of employees.
Line, a major telecommunications app company, has been introducing AI to its service of providing part-time job information on the app from The 17th of this month.

In the case of a call to apply, employees of the company that posted the job information had heard information such as the applicant’s name, occupation, and date of birth, but AI accepts this information and conveys it to the company.

We are now able to accept applications 24 hours a day.

Meanwhile, Japan Post began using AI in its call center this month to accept package rede delivery.

The AI will accept calls from users who receive out-of-office communication slips, hear the tracking number of the package and the time zone you wish to rede delivery, and proceed with the necessary procedures.

The company finds it difficult to process online, and we hope that it will also lead to a reduction in waiting times for people who apply by phone.

Mr. Nohiro Matsui of the Japan Post Operations Reform Department says, “Ai is made recognizable if we talk normally, and we would like to use it for receiving pickups in the future.”