“Best Artist” Arashi Medley & Johnny’s Medley Selected by Men Announced

Some medley songs to be shown in the special program “Nippon Television Music Festival Best Artist 2020” (25th 19: 00-22: 54), in which the idol group Arashi Sho Sakurai serves as MC, have been announced. “One Love” and “Turning Up” will be shown at “Best Artist 2020 Special Medley” sung by Arashi. Furthermore, “I want to listen now! Johnny’s medley chosen by the people!” Consists of two parts, Part 1 “Men choose! Johnny’s song I want to listen to now” and Part 2 “Women choose! Johnny’s song I want to listen to now”. Of these, the Part 1 lineup is as follows. ♪ Real Face (KAT-TUN) / Snow Man
♪ Yeah (Johnny’s WEST) / King & Prince
♪ Imitation Rain (SixTONES) / NEWS
♪ RUN (Sexy Zone) / Johnny’s WEST
♪ Musekinin Hero (Kanjani8) / Arashi + Part1 All Lineup Part2 lineup will be announced on the night of the 23rd.