Hand dryer “not used” Keidanren guidelines review

Hand dryer “not used” Keidanren guidelines to review November 22 2:06

Come to think of it, when can I use it? Keidanren has decided to review the guidelines for hand dryers that dry hands with warm air in toilets at stations and shopping centers, based on expert opinions and overseas conditions.
As the infection of the new coronavirus has spread, since spring, there has been a movement to discontinue the use of hand dryers installed in toilets for prevention purposes at stations and commercial facilities around the country.

Keidanren has established in its guidelines for infection prevention announced to companies in May that “hand dryers should be stopped, common towels are prohibited, paper towels will be installed or employees will be asked to bring personal towels.”

As infectious disease countermeasures are progressing in various places, Keidanren has received opinions from manufacturers about the safety of their products, and there are an increasing number of inquiries about how long to stop using them from offices that use dryers.

Globally, the World Health Organization says that using a hand dryer simply does not prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, but that “you should wash your hands frequently and dry them well with paper towels or hand dryers.”

According to Keidanren’s research into the situation in each country, the guidelines of the British government and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also stipulate that hands should be dried with hand dryers after hand washing, as well as Singapore and Hong Kong.

In light of this situation, Keidanren has decided to review the statement that “do not use hand dryers” based on the opinions of experts.

Keidanren said, “When we created the guidelines, we didn’t have a contact confirmation app called “COCOA” yet, and we said that if we didn’t use business trips, we would review them. As the effects of the new coronavirus continue to last, we would like to review it in a way that is currently in place.”

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare reduces risk by washing hands sufficiently

As for the use of hand dryers, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare said, “Experts have pointed out that the remaining viruses are scattered along with the fly, but sufficient hand washing can reduce the risk of infection.”

On top of that, we ask you to refer to the correct way to wash your hands on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s website.

Focus on the type of product you want to suck

As consideration progresses toward the resumption of the use of hand dryers that blow away water droplets attached to the hands by warm air, attention is also focused on products of the type that sucks water droplets so as not to diffuse them.

Companies in Sapporo have been selling hand dryers that inhale drops of water and dry their hands for more than 10 years.

It has been used in food and automotive parts factories to prevent water droplets from splashing around by infusing the wind rather than blowing it away.

According to the company, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, inquiries about suction type products are increasing, and this means that we have already sold nearly 10 times the number of units in the previous year.