Kazuki Enari x Snow Man Ryohei Abe’s quiz discussion “Knowledge gained while traveling lives in the quiz”

“BAR in the radio” “TOKYO SPEAKEASY” broadcast on TOKYO FM from Monday to Thursday at 1:00 pm. The customers on October 29th (Thursday) are Kazuki Enari and Ryohei Abe of Snow Man. We will start with the two people who have a common quiz.

(From left) Kazuki Enari and Ryohei Abe

◆ Moment of tension in a quiz show

–The heavy theme song of the drama “Wataru Seken wa Ogre” suddenly begins to play in the program.

Enari: That? You’re in the bar right now, right?

Abe: That’s right.

Enari: At the bar, this music doesn’t usually play.

Abe: Suddenly this music (laughs).

Enari: What is it, is it because of your mind? When I listen to this music, I feel that my heart rate goes up by about 30.

Abe: It’s gone up a lot.

Enari: Don’t get nervous, this is.

Abe: It’s been revealed that Enari-san is in this bar.

Enari: Is that so?

Abe: Maybe. Because the master is smart, he called me.

Enari: Is it cool to play this song?

Abe: Hmm, is it smart?

Enari: But everybody definitely has a place to get nervous. Is there a place where Mr. Abe is absolutely nervous?

Abe: A place where you get nervous?

Enari: A place to be nervous, a person to be nervous.

Abe: I’m pretty nervous.

Enari: That’s what makes you feel excited when you say “Takizawa Enbujo ZERO”?

Abe: For example, on the first day, (heart) seems to pop out. When I have a lot of things to do, I get pretty excited. It’s a type that narrows the field of view, so that’s the case with quiz shows.

Enari: What? Isn’t the quiz show different? I’m with you, but I don’t feel nervous at all.

Abe: Sometimes I get nervous. Basically, I want to enjoy the atmosphere of a quiz show, but isn’t it in an emergency? “This is crazy,” “I may be in control of the team’s victory or defeat.”

Enari: There are various things on Mr. Abe’s shoulders. I will pitch as a man who can decide a strike when it matters.

◆ Acquire living knowledge while traveling

Enari: You’ve had a long relationship with Mr. Abe, haven’t you? Even if it’s long, it’s about 3 or 4 years.

Abe: The first thing you met was probably a quiz show.

Enari: So, I heard that Mr. Abe went on a trip with Mr. Iwanaga (Tetsuya) and took a quiz trip.

Abe: There was.

Enari: This is dangerous. When such smart people are studying. Besides, there are many things that you can understand by going (on a trip).

Abe: There is.

Enari: You may actually have some knowledge that you can’t get without going there.

Abe: Yes.

Enari: Are you making such an effort! I thought this was dangerous, and I started by asking Kazu-sensei (Kazureza), “I’m sorry. Could you train the quiz?” However, it is no exaggeration to say that Mr. Abe made the meeting.

Abe: I’m getting along with actor Tetsuya Iwanaga, but when I said, “Let’s go on a quiz trip,” Enari went to various places and acquired the knowledge that lived there. When I heard that there was, it was like, “Then let’s go, too.” I think the reason was Enari-san.

* * *

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