Trump supporters protest Georgia recount results

Trump supporters protest Georgia recount results November 22 at 11:30 AM

Many supporting President Trump gathered in front of the state government building to protest against Georgia, a hard-fought state in the U.S. presidential election, officially recognizing The Democrat Biden’s victory as a result of the recount.

In the U.S. presidential election, Georgia had a recount of votes because of the slight difference in the percentage of votes won by both candidates, and the state government on Thursday officially recognized the victory of Mr. Biden, a Democrat, as a result of the official victory.

In response, many supporting President Trump gathered in front of georgia’s government building in atlanta, the state capital, on Thursday to protest the state government by waving presidential flags and holding signs that read “Don’t steal the election.”

Meanwhile, in front of the government building, people opposed to President Trump also teamed up with shields, shouting “Protect democracy” and “Don’t forgive fascists,” and insisted that the president should accept the results.

Many of President Trump’s supporters and opponents were seen armed with automatic rifles, and local police prevented clashes in the form of entering between the two groups.

In Georgia, the congressional Senate election held at the same time as the presidential election did not decide the winner, and a run-off will be held in January next year.

The outcome of the election has attracted national attention because it will also decide which party will be the majority in the Senate.

A man who is a supporter of President Trump told NHK, “I see how many people have waved and supported President Trump’s flag, and I think he won a crushing victory. This election was clearly stolen.”

Meanwhile, an opposition woman said, “I came to show right-wing people that they don’t support President Trump and that there are citizens who are fighting to prevent the government from being taken over.”