U.S. Republicans demand postponement of presidential election results in Michigan

U.S. Republicans request november 22, 17:15 in Michigan to postpone presidential election results

Over the U.S. presidential election, Republicans have asked a state committee to delay the recognition of voting results by two weeks, citing the need for a vote inspection in midwestern Michigan, where Democrat Mr Biden secured victory. It is seen as a new attempt by the Trump campaign as a series of claims of election fraud have been dismissed in court.
After a close race in Michigan over the U.S. presidential election, Mr. Biden, a Democrat, is certain to win, and a total of four members of both parties are expected to enter the process of recognizing the results of the vote on The 23rd.

Against this front, the Republican National Committee and Michigan’s Republican Party jointly wrote to the state’s committee that certifies the results of the vote on The 21st, asking that the recognition be postponed by two weeks, claiming that some voting locations need to be inspected because of suspected electoral fraud.

The Trump campaign has dismissed a series of claims of election fraud in court, and is expected to try to delay the recognition of voting results in a new attempt.

However, state officials say that the law allows votes to be inspected only after the results of the vote have been certified, and it is unclear whether this request will be granted.

With regard to Michigan, President Trump is believed to have met with Republican state legislators the day before to work in his favor in the electoral vote to formally elect the president, but lawmakers have indicated their respect for the outcome of the vote.