Shooting in Afghanistan Tetsu Nakamura’s Memorial Party Before The First Anniversary fukuoka

Shooting in Afghanistan Memorial Service before Tetsu Nakamura’s Anniversary Fukuoka November 23 21:38

A memorial service was held in Fukuoka city against the death of Tetsu Nakamura, a doctor who was shot and died in Afghanistan last year.

Dr. Satoshi Nakamura, a local representative of the Peshawar Association, an NGO in Fukuoka City, has been focusing on humanitarian assistance and reconstruction for many years in Afghanistan, but died last December after being shot in Jalalabad, nangarhar province in the east.

On the 23rd, a memorial service was held at his alma mater Kyushu University in Fukuoka City before Nakamura’s death, and about 450 people including bereaved families and supporters attended.

Yu Murakami, chairman of the Peshawar Society, expressed his condolences, saying, “Water does not distinguish between good and bad people, and we move forward” based on mr. Nakamura’s achievements in improving irrigation channels.

On behalf of the bereaved families, the eldest daughter, Akiko, said, “It’s been a very fast year. It is also the family’s wish for the business to continue.”

The memorial service also featured a video message sent by Afghan President Ghani.

On the site, the peshawar association’s activities were suspended after the shooting, but now the development of irrigation canals and agricultural support have resumed, taking over Mr. Nakamura’s will.

A woman in her 70s who participated in the memorial service said, “I am once again surprised at the humanity with which I have met and gained the love of people’s hearts.”