Train and car collide at hankyu railway railroad stop Train is wheeled off No one Kobe

Train collides with car at Hankyu Railway railroad level railroad stop Train is un wheeled no one Kobe November 23 23:22

On the night of The 23rd, a train collided with a car at a railroad level of Hankyu Electric Railway in Kobe City, and the first vehicle detached. No one was injured and police are looking into the situation at the time.

Shortly after 7:40 p.m. on The 23rd, an express train to Osaka Umeda Station collided with a mini-car at the Takaha Railroad Crossing in Miyayama-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe City.

According to Hankyu Electric Railway and the police, the wheel in front of the train’s first vehicle was unalloyed in this accident, but about 400 passengers were not injured, and a 42-year-old man who was driving a mini car was also safe.

According to the police, the man who was driving the mini-car said, “I parked my car on a slope near the railroad level and went outside on business, but I forgot to apply the side brake.”

In this accident, the Hankyu Kobe Line is not about to resume operation due to the upper and lower lines between Ajikawa Station and Shin-Sakaiji Station.

The scene is a railroad level in a residential area near Hankyu Rokko Station, and police are investigating the situation in detail at the time.

Passenger “strong impact like pushing up”

A male college student in his 20s who was on the second car of the crashed train said, “A few seconds after the sound of a sudden brake called ‘key’, there was a sound of something colliding and the train stopped. I was sitting in my seat, and the moment I hit it, I had the feeling of being pushed hard all over my body by the person next to me. The train is not working, so I’m wondering how to get home.”

Another man in his 20s, who was on the second car, said, “I felt the sound of the sudden brake and the strong impact that pushed up. I thought I might have bumped into something, but for a while I didn’t know what had happened and the inside of the car was a little bit rough. Right after the hit, only the first car was out of power, but after a few minutes all the vehicles were out of power and we were in the car that lost power for a while.”

Residents ” The moment of the accident the house shook a little”

A man who lives near the scene said, “After the horn of a terrible sound sounded, there was a sound of gashan, and immediately I heard a sound of garigari. At the moment of the accident, the house shook a little.”

To dispatch a railway accident investigator

The National Transportation Safety Board has dispatched a railway accident investigator to the site in the morning of August 24 to investigate the cause of the accident, which occurred when a train and a car collided at a railway level railroad station in Kobe City.