Hiroyuki Yabe delights at the start of the DAZN soccer crown program “Don’t forget player first”

The soccer program “Yabecchi Stadium” (every Sunday from 23:00), which will be the crowning program of Ninety-nine Hiroyuki Yabe, will be distributed on the sports channel “DAZN” from the 29th. Hiroyuki Yabe (C) DAZN / Suguru Saito The weekly live broadcast of the program will feature Masashi Nakayama, Koji Nakata, and Hiroshi Nanami as commentators on a weekly basis, with Hikari Kuroki as an assistant. The highlights of the J-League held that week, the “stop commentary” where the players themselves explain their play, the “Digicchi” which shoots the real face of the team with the player camera, and the surprise appearance of famous players are also noteworthy “Yes. Through corners such as “Yabecchi”, we will fully introduce the charm of domestic and foreign soccer. Yabe played soccer from the 4th grade of elementary school to high school, and even after becoming a comedian, he enthusiastically conveyed his love for soccer on TV programs. At the press conference, he introduced himself with a laugh, saying, “I’m Hiroyuki Yabe, a big player who has just joined DAZN (laughs).” “I’ve always wanted to be involved in Japanese soccer, so I’m happy to have a new show, “he said. Regarding the program, he stated his enthusiasm, saying, “I don’t mind, I can enjoy soccer in a natural way, and above all, it’s a program that only soccer players have, so don’t forget player first, and I hope I can tell you a fun soccer program while interacting with players and teams.” , “Please gather at” Yavesta “on Sunday night!” (C) DAZN / Suguru Saito