50 years after his death Yukio Mishima and the Self-Defense Forces – What should be a merit organization –

50 years after his death Yukio Mishima and the Self-Defense Forces – What should be a merit organization – November 25 5:00

It has been 50 years since the artist Yukio Mishima captured a corner of the Self-Defense Forces garrison and called for a coup d’etat, and then took his own life.
Mishima tried to force the Self-Defense Forces to be dispatched to security and allow the government to amend the constitution. Three years before the incident, there was a self-defense officer who was in contact with Mishima.
I’m Mr. Akira Tomizawa, who served as the head of the Ground Self-Defense Force and the chief of the Ground Force.
We talked about what kind of things we had with Mishima.
(Source: Tetsushi Miyagawa, Ministry of Political Affairs and International Programs, Ryotaro Minamii, Social Affairs Department)
What inspired you to meet Yukio Mishima?

(Mr. Tomizawa)
Before that, today, there is what I just brought here. There is no evidence that I met Mishima, but there is a collection of letters by Mishima.

Here, the seal of May 11, 1967 came to fujiwaraiwa city of father-in-law.

As for what is written here, “I will talk about it afterwards. I was very happy and nostalgic for the verses at the Extra-Day. It was a pleasant evening that it was hard to forget even to the house of Kazushi Tomizawa. After that, thanks to you, I was energetic and digested the schedule, and yesterday I left the AOC (Note: Senior Senior Course of the Ground Self-Defense Force), and today I joined the Ranger Corps, and I will make it to the ranger unit.”

“At the AOC, the tactics became interesting, and I regret why I didn’t know such an interesting academic discipline so quickly. I’m also in the AOC, and I’m got a friend who can speak with my chest open.”

This is obviously my synchronization. So I thought I could talk to this person.

It is written, “Kazushi Tomizawa gathered the best friends, and the discussion which pierced considerably was done one evening, and touched the spirit of the young officer”.

Kazuto Tomizawa who comes out here is me.

I would like to ask you in detail about what is written in this letter, but did you get to know Fujiwara Iwaichi as a chance?

(Mr. Tomizawa)
As you said, the man called Fujiwara Iwaichi who came out in the letter is my wife’s father when I say it. Fujiwara had been relatively close to Kiyogen Tanaka before and after he left the Self-Defense Forces. And, mishima is going to Tanaka of the senior of the University of Tokyo. “I want to experience what the Self-Defense Forces are all about.”

When Mishima said, “Please introduce someone from the Self-Defense Forces,” Tanaka introduced Fujiwara by saying, “If you’re just retiring from the Self-Defense Forces, it’s easier to move, so go to Fujiwara-san, who just retired.”

And, Fujiwara and Mishima met by Tanaka’s introduction, and it was not known what kind of place it was enthusiastic about.

Fujiwara first introduced mishima to a person who was in sync with his seniors, saying, “Well, let’s do as much as we can.”

Fujiwara introduced the junior of the investigation school which listened to anything because Fujiwara was doing the principal of the investigation school in Odaira because it was likely not to see the site of the unit in addition in the future.

When Mishima was entrusted to the junior, the junior became good at it, it was said, “How do you take information?”, it was said, “Let’s go to see it because something was done near the mountain valley”, and it was taught that it was done like this to take Mishima to yamatani and to collect information.

Fujiwara said, “Information is important as information, but after all, if it becomes the Self-Defense Forces, it is necessary to know the main units such as infantry fighting units and cannon units.” “Many self-defense forces who carry the future Self-Defense Forces will go to Fuji School, so go there.” “You can go to Fuji School and study.”

At Fuji School, Fujiwara also had close juniors, so he said that his juniors would educate him according to Mishima’s wishes. Because of this, Mishima came to Fuji School.

Mishima went to Fuji School, and fujiwara came to see Mishima when he entered the single dormitory of Fuji School for a number of days.

At that time, I was in the tank instructor of Fuji School, and I lived in Gotemba in Shizuoka Prefecture, but Fujiwara said to Mishima, “To tell the truth, my daughter couple lives in Gotemba, but do you see for a while the life of a young self-defense force officer now?”

Then he said, “I don’t even hope for that. I want to go by all means”, so I contacted us, and Fujiwara said, “I’m going to bring Mishima-san,” so my wife prepared and waited.

It’s one evening. Fujiwara took Mishima with him and came to my house. I put a table on 4 1/2 tatami mats, fujiwara and Mishima sat down, and I sat down and talked.

My daughter was about two years old, and she came out a little bit. Then, Mishima is a little because there is no other way. She flattered my daughter, saying, “You look pretty good,” and drew a picture of a dog and a picture of a cat.

It was the first time you came to your home. What other stories did you have?

(Mr. Tomizawa)
The rest is a boring story. What was a thing that was a while interesting was that at that time, I was reading Mishima’s “Yukuni”. I don’t really like literature, but I thought the book “Yukuni” was a bit interesting.

“Country” is an officer’s story of 2.26 incidents. Mishima respected the man named Ishihara Kanji who suppressed 2.26 incidents. And, it became ishihara’s story.

My biological father was a Akutagawa Prize-winning 爲, Yuo Tomizawa, and in 1944 during the war, I was working to encourage workers at shipyards in various places. It’s like consolation.

When I went around the Tohoku region, I was taken by my biological father before graduating from kindergarten, and when I visited Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, I told Mishima that Ishihara lived in Tsuruoka City at that time and had met there.

Then, Mishima was surprised at “Eh”. When I talked about meeting Ishihara, Mishima was very interested and asked me, “What was Mr. Tomizawa and Mr. Ishihara like?”

I was a child at the time, but I remembered that I had a face like I was having some kind of mental illness, and mishima suddenly started to get angry when I told him that.

“Your Excellency Ishihara cannot have been such a fanatic,” he said. That’s all I’m impressive about. The rest is the story of the class of the Self-Defense Forces or the story of the class chapter. “What are you doing now?”

At that time, you were acting squadron leader of the tank guidance corps. There was only such a story how many members there were. However, when Mishima returned, he said, “Mr. Tomizawa, I don’t care who you are, but I want to talk to your synchronous student, so would you call me for a while?” “Instead, I’m going to pay for meals, so it doesn’t matter where you are. Please set it.”

And, because Gotemba is a country, there is not a big restaurant, but at that time, I set it at a ryotei that was said to be the most high-class in Gotemba and collected it.

That’s the second meeting you’ll be in contact with, right? What did Mishima say to the young executives?

(Mr. Tomizawa)
I was asked by Mishima, and I gathered a close person between the people who worked for the instructor and the people who were doing the instructor. I think it was probably five people with me, but so I met Mishima and started drinking.

At first I talked about something I didn’t love, but sooner or later he told this story. In short, I think we were also talking about security training. It’s like, “Are you doing security training?”

In fact, in 1967, I was training. So, even if we are tank units, we don’t fit the security services, but we said, “I’m doing it for a while.”

And Mishima said, “When they made noise and threw stones at the student movement in Tokyo, you all came out, right?” I answered, “No, I don’t know if I’ll get out or not at that time.”

Since it was 1967, there was still a possibility that it would come out. That’s why I was doing security training. We are.

However, it will be over if it comes out by the security sending that it is roughly said the tank unit. But we actually did it at the training ground in Fuji because we wanted to train. Line up the tanks.

And, the students throw a firebobe. Then, our tank already had a few diesel tanks, but the Type 61 tank is only a small amount of domestic production. The rest is american tanks.

American tanks are all gasoline cars. It’s hard when a gas car is thrown with a firebobe. That’s why I make an iron cane and put it on top of the tank. So there’s a net at the top of the tank, but if you build more a jar on top of it and scratch the firebost in the box so that the flame doesn’t go inside from there, the tank won’t burn.

I think I probably said I was doing that. And Mishima said, “Finally, when you come out, the militia that I entered in the mean time and made with my companions will enter.”

Moreover, because it is said, “It is “It is “It is” of the student in the coup d’etat, it is said, “Well, it is so”. “But we don’t do that,” he said. “I’m not educated to do that, and I can’t do it, actually.”

Then, the synchronization which was there said, “Yes, it is so”, and everyone said so. “No, I can’t do that.”

Five is five.Mishima laughs, and it is bright because it said so with the person, and that person at all.

So, I laughed and said, “No, that’s right. You can’t do that, can’t you?”

So, there was a person who had a good valve in one of the synchronizations, and when Mishima said something, he ate at various things and said, “There is such an idea, but there is also such a way of thinking”.

Then Mishima said, “I can’t fit for an intellectual like you.”

When the intellectual of the world who entered the Ministry of Finance in the top class after graduating from the faculty of law of the University of Tokyo, and won the Akutagawa Prize said, “It is not good for the intellect like you”, in short, “You are “Ese intellectual””. I said a great irony.

When I heard about it, I thought that there was no choice but to go out with this person even if it had already been made a secret even if it had been made a secret.

From that time on, I’ve already said goodbye to Mishima-san. The other side might have thought so, “Tomizawa’s companion is no longer motivated”.

That’s why I’m often asked about Mishima, but I’ve never talked to Mishima that much, I’ve never been called to Mishima’s house, I’ve never been called to a Rococo-style house, I’ve never had a treat, so I have nothing more to say.

However, if I can say, Mishima was the first young executive I met. I met an elderly self-defense officer before that, but there is no doubt that I and our friends were the first young executives to meet.

Why did you say you couldn’t agree with the coup?

(Mr. Tomizawa)
In short, there are 2.26 incidents in mishima’s head. It is completely different from the former Japanese army and the Self-Defense Forces at the time of 2.26 incidents. You can do anything called an officer. Mishima thinks so.

The Self-Defense Forces can’t do that, so they don’t have the ability to do a coup d’etat.

As the Self-Defense Forces departed from pre-war reflection, did you have a thought that it would not be accepted as a thought?

(Mr. Tomizawa)
Of course, it is. Legally, security is available. When police forces can’t hold you back, you can shoot bullets at security. The SDF law does not say that people should not be harmed in the use of weapons to suppress mobs.

However, it was said that we should not do such a thing from the defense university age. The Ground Self-Defense Force, which we have made so far, should not do it.

There are a lot of people who do the demonstration. We all knew that if the army conflicted with people who were going to give wide demonstrations, the country would be destroyed.

I think that the Self-Defense Forces after the war are progressing compared to the old army. I don’t think it’s bad at all. It is one big mistake in the mistake of the old army to have made such a sense after all.

That’s why I don’t do that, and I can’t.

So when U.S. President Donald Trump told him to “get the federal troops out” to curb protests against racism, Defense Secretary Esper said, “I won’t put it out.” There are only a few left, but I’m resigning.

I also want japanese people to look at it calmly. The self-defense forces are written that the mission is to protect the country.

It is written that it is to protect the independence and peace of the country, and to secure the security of our country. It’s independence and peace.

The mission of the Self-Defense Forces is to ensure the independence and peace of the Japanese country for the security of the country.