A young man who lost his life with Yukio Mishima What is his brother’s appeal told by his 91-year-old brother?

A young man who lost his life with Yukio Mishima 91-year-old brother’s complaint is a complaint of a younger brother on November 25 at 6:58

It has been 50 years since the artist Yukio Mishima occupied an SDF garrison and called for a coup d’etat.

At that time, there was a young man who took his own life by acting with Mishima. Morita must-win (no way) who was 25 years old.

“What did my brother want to sue for his life?

My 91-year-old brother was interviewed by NHK.

Osamu Morita, 91, lives in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture.

It is an older brother of morita must-win 16 years old who decided himself with Mishima.

After serving as a junior high school teacher for more than 10 years, Osamu was elected a member of the prefectural assembly with the support of the labor union and worked for 24 years.

It is said that his parents disappeared quickly, and Osamu, who was the best of the five siblings, took over as a parent.

Mr. Osamu said, “At that time, even after the war, I could not get food as I thought, and I had to start farming and eat all my siblings. He raised his younger brother instead of his father, but he was a bright and active child.”

Morita went on to Waseda University, but when he took the exam, Osamu came to Tokyo and accompanied him.

Osamu clearly remembers what it was like at the time.

“It was a time of intense student movement, and the main gate of the campus was blocked by barricades, but my brother was indignant at the fact that students’ right to education was being deprived of the idea of being allowed to do this. The experiences of those years may have changed my brother’s way of thinking.”

Morita bedded to the right-wing and ethnic movements as if he were opposed to the student movements around him at university, and later met Mishima and joined the Tate-no-Kai. It is said that it sometimes insisted on the idea more radical than Mishima.

Osamu, who was working as a union teacher at a junior high school, had a different philosophy than his brother, but I believe that his feelings about the country should have been the same.

“It has nothing to do with the problem of thought, right or left. I think my brother was worried about Japan, worried about the current situation, and acted with the feeling that he had to do a little better somehow.”

However, I still continue to think that I wanted them to live and appeal to me for their thoughts instead of saving their lives.

“Why did you hurry so much? Why did you do that until you put your life on the go? It is feelings why the life is thrown away though it thinks that it is possible to admit it about possible to throw the life and it appealed. I don’t think we should have found a way to solve the problem in a variety of difficult situations with a lot of me.”

Experts ‘should sue for speech’

Hideaki Sato, director of the Mishima Yukio Museum of Literature and a professor at University, commented on the self-made Morita Must-Win, I think mishima was attracted to Morita because he was young, bright and straight. Morita had a very strong want to change Japan by taking action.”

On the other hand, he pointed out that the two of them decided to make their own decision, “I take it seriously that Mishima and Morita took action, but I should have appealed in other ways by not risking my life, that is, speech.”

And he says, “In today’s 50-year-old world, words have become lighter, but that’s why the honesty that Mishima and Morita appealed for and the weight of words may be undersing us today.”