House of Representatives Budget Committee Intensive Deliberations “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” Social Gathering, etc.

House of Representatives Budget Committee Intensive Deliberations “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” Social Gathering, etc. November 25, 12:19 p.m.

In the Diet, intensive deliberations were held at the House of Representatives Budget Committee, and the opposition party requested that former Prime Minister Abe himself should explain to the Diet the day before the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party,” while Prime Minister Kan said that “it is for the Diet to decide”, and explained that he had confirmed to former Prime Minister Abe that he had answered the Diet as chief cabinet secretary under the Abe administration.

Former Agriculture Minister Saito of the Liberal Democratic Party “What is the policy of the ‘carbon neutral’ government?” 」

Ken Saito, former Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of the Liberal Democratic Party, commented on the government’s policy of achieving “carbon neutrality”, which aims to achieve virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, saying, “When high targets are decided, various new moves toward that will occur and new wisdom will be born. What do you think of the industrial breakthrough?”

In response, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kajiyama said, “Companies are also competing for industrial policies such as ‘creating global standards’, such as making large-scale investments in decarbonization technology innovations to survive. We will make an action plan for areas such as hydrogen and storage batteries, but we will not only set targets, but also work on support measures to advance the development of standardization systems.”

Isa Komei:”Tough employment situation What’s your next move?” 」

Shinichi Isa of the Komeito Party said, “Special measures for employment adjustment grants are still effective, but we must consider the next step, given the severe employment situation caused by the new coronavirus. It is important to support the creating an environment where people who want to work can work, rather than taking a leave of absence indefinitely.”

In response, Prime Minister Kan said, “We have taken unprecedented special measures regarding employment adjustment grants. We provide support through the Education and Training Benefits System to promote individual learning in order to secure employment and employment opportunities under the new daily life, and we will continue to take necessary measures. We will protect the employment of the people, the lives and lives of the people, while taking into account the impact of the infection situation on employment.”

Mr. Edano, Representative of The Cherry Blossom Viewing Party: “Former Prime Minister Abe should explain it in the Diet.”

Representative Edano of the Constitutional Democratic Party said of the problem for the social gathering the night before of “Association which sees the cherry tree”, “It is not possible to trust at all that the problem related to the advance was processed without permission by ‘Secretary limit’. Former Prime Minister Abe should come to the Diet to explain, and Prime Minister Kan should ask for an explanation. The excuse that the Chief Cabinet Secretary did not know about the crisis management related to the Prime Minister does not work, and how do you feel responsible?”

In response, Prime Minister Kan said, “It is true that Former Prime Minister Abe himself has responded in various ways to the Diet, and former Prime Minister Abe himself has said that the Abe office is fully cooperating with the investigation of prosecutors in response to criminal charges in this case. I would like the Diet to decide on the matter of the Diet. I myself have responded, but I have confirmed and answered to the former Prime Minister what former Prime Minister Abe answered in the Diet.”

Prime Minister Kan also commented on “GoTo Travel,” a measure to stimulate tourism demand, “Is it true that it supports the local economy? There is currently no evidence that Go To Travel is a major cause of the spread of infection. In order to prevent the spread of infection, we have decided to “pause” some areas as a precautionary measure.”

Former Prime Minister Abe has been briefed as much as possible”

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Kato said at a press conference in the morning, “I believe that the Diet will decide on the invitation of former Prime Minister Abe to be a reference person that the opposition parties are seeking.”

On that basis, he said, “I am aware that former Prime Minister Abe has provided as much explanation as possible in the Diet, and that he has stated that he will fully cooperate with the investigation last week. In any case, it is related to the activities of the investigating agencies, and I would like to refrain from answering any further questions.”

Mr. Edano, Representative of The Cherry Blossom Viewing Party, “This Problem Cannot Be Overlooked”

Edano, president of the Constitutional Democratic Party, told reporters, “Prime Minister Kan’s sense of crisis over the spread of infection was not felt at all. If we continue to respond ambiguously and irresponsibly, I have a chilly spine that we will put a load on medical care in the middle of winter.”

As for the answers to the social gathering held the night before the Cherry Blossom Viewing Party, he said, “I can’t feel the awareness that I, as chief cabinet secretary, am in charge of supporting answers that differ from the facts of the prime minister at the time. If you miss this issue, you can’t trust the government at all what it’s saying.”