Issei Takahashi shows off his beautiful voice in a new commercial for Gracolo “Gracolo Gracolo ~ Gracolo ~ ♪”

It was revealed that actor Issei Takahashi will appear in a new commercial for McDonald’s winter tradition “Gracolo”. The commercial will be broadcast from December 1st. Issei Takahashi, who will appear in the new commercial for “Gracolo,” is a small reward for the trivial events that occur in casual everyday life, such as sunny days and making promises. Draw the figure of Takahashi. Finally, it is a commercial with an impressive smile that bites the deliciousness of Gracolo. In the “Gracolo Song” edition, you can listen to the familiar Gracolo song with the phrase “Gracolo Gracolo” with Takahashi’s heart-warming singing voice. “Gracolo” will be on sale for a limited time from December 2nd, along with the new recipe “Kokumi Beef Stew Gracolo”.