NY Dow Jones Industrial Average in $30,000 for first time in history

NY Dow Jones Industrial Average First Ever $30,000, November 25 at 1:39 AM

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose sharply on the New York stock market on Wednesday, 2016, 2016, to the $30,000 average for the first time in history.
It plunged in February due to the effects of the new coronavirus, but the price returned against the background of large-scale monetary easing, and it continued to rise, such as hitting a high this month due to expectations for vaccine development and the birth of a new government.
The New York stock market rose sharply shortly after the start of the trading on Wednesday, pushing the Dow to the $30,000 high for the first time.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell sharply since the end of February due to the spread of the new coronavirus, but has since returned to its value on the back of large-scale monetary easing by the central bank.

And since the start of this month, we have continued to rise due to expectations for the development of a new coronavirus vaccine, and we have been updating the highs we set in February.

In addition, the confusion following the presidential election, which was considered an uneasy factor, was also reassuring in the market when former Vice President Biden, a Democrat, informed him that the department in charge of transition procedures in the U.S. government would allow the process of transition to take over.