Penguins chicks are popular Matsue

Penguins chicks are popular Matsue November 25, 0:03 k10012729351_202011250000_202011250000.mp4 Three penguins chicks born from last month to this month at a theme park in Matsue City entertain visitors with their cute appearance. .. At Matsue Vogel Park, a flower and bird theme park in Matsue City, 17 African penguins that live in South Africa are bred, and three chicks were born from last month to this month.

The gray, fluffy, hair-covered chicks look cute in the hive, peeking out from under the tummy of the parent bird, screaming and being fed. ..

When I was just born, I was about 10 centimeters in length, but now there are chicks that have grown to 25 centimeters, which is about half the size of their parent birds, and in a few months they will be about the same size as their parent birds.

A man from Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture, who visited with his family, said, “I saw a penguin chick for the first time. It was cute.”

Mr. Yasunari Sato, who is in charge of breeding, said, “I hope that you will continue to grow up. I don’t think you can see penguins raising children, so please take a look.”