Six months after the declaration was lifted, miyagi had three consecutive holidays, and the number of visitors outside the prefecture doubled compared to May.

Six months after the declaration was lifted In Miyagi, the number of customers outside the prefecture doubled compared to May at 11:00 on November 25

It has been six months since the declaration of a state of emergency was lifted nationwide in May.
In Miyagi Prefecture, the number of people coming in from outside the prefecture has increased due to tourism, etc., and the number of saturdays and sundays of the most recent three consecutive holidays has doubled compared to Saturdays and Sundays in May.
After the state of emergency was lifted in Miyagi Prefecture and elsething on May 14, it was lifted nationwide on May 25, and it will be exactly six months from there on May 25.

During this time, NHK analyzed data on mobile phone location information compiled by NTT DOCOMO in a way that protected privacy in an investigation into how the number of people coming to Miyagi Prefecture had changed.

As a result, it was found that the number of people coming from outside the prefecture on Saturdays and Sundays has increased since the declaration was lifted in Miyagi Prefecture, and the saturdays and Sundays of The 21st and 22nd of this month, which are three consecutive holidays, have increased more than twice as much as on Saturdays and Sundays on May 16 and 17.

Since the declaration was lifted, the largest number has been on saturdays and Sundays for four consecutive holidays from September 19, but this three consecutive holidays are close to that.

On the other hand, it has decreased by 28% compared to the three consecutive holidays at the same time last year, and has not returned to the level before the outbreak of the virus.

Kuniaki Sasaki, a professor at Waseda University’s School of Creative Science and Technology who is familiar with the analysis of human mobility, said, “In tourist areas, even if the number of people has not been as good as last year in the past six months, there has been a return, especially during the last three consecutive holidays, when people moved actively in various places except Hokkaido.”