Stock prices rise more than 500 yen at one point, new york market Dow average tops $30,000

Stock price up more than 500 yen at one point New York market Dow average tops $30,000 November 25 at 9:44 AM

On The 24th, the Tokyo stock market and stock prices rose significantly.
In response to the Dow’s rise above the $30,000 range for the first time in history on the New York stock market on The 24th, buy orders spread to a wide range of stocks, and the Nikkei 225 Stock Average rose more than 500 yen at one point.
Market participants said, “Due to the view that the transition process will proceed smoothly in the U.S., we have taken over the dow jones industrial average at $30,000 in the New York market, and there have been buy orders for a wide range of stocks in the Tokyo market. However, the Nikkei 225 Stock Average had risen by more than 3,100 yen by the end of this month, and some have pointed out that it is far from the degree of recovery in the real economy.”