Daisuke Yokoyama x Shoko Nakagawa are thrilled to co-star for the first time in a live performance “Pounding excitement” “Oni respect”

“Family Dream Live 2020” will be attended by Daisuke Yokoyama, who served as “Singing Brother” for the longest 9 years in “Okasan to Issho”, and Yoshihisa Kobayashi, who served as “Gymnastics Brother” for the longest 14 years. “Todoke Minna no Uchi From Maihama Amphitheater” will be held on November 29th at Maihama Amphitheater in Chiba. At this year’s “Family Live”, members such as Yokoyama and others, “Risa Sister” Risa Uehara, Fuku Suzuki, and private Ebisu Junior High School will gather. In addition to watching plays in theaters that maintain a social distance, live distribution on the web will also be carried out. There, he hit Shoko Nakagawa, who participated in the same live with Yokoyama for the first time. What kind of thoughts will the two of them participate in in the corona wreck?Shoko Nakagawa (left) and Daisuke Yokoyama

■ It’s a waste if you don’t enjoy yourself

――First of all, please tell us your impressions when it was decided to hold the third “Family Live”. Yokoyama: I was really happy to be able to hold a live performance that parents and children can do, as various live performances and events were canceled one after another due to the corona disaster. Even in a situation where the future is uncertain, the children will grow steadily, and while various things are restricted, the children will be able to experience the joy of music, so how will you feel at the moment when the event is decided? Every day I was excited to think that it would be delivered. Nakagawa: The situation has become difficult around the world, and children have been putting up with it in various ways, which is why I hope you will have a brilliant experience with “Family Live.” Until last year, I used to go around the country for handshake events and Pokemon events, but I was wondering what to do because I couldn’t do it this year, so I was very happy to hear from Mr. Yokoyama. Mr. Yokoyama was really “demon’s respect”. Yokoyama: No! ――The two will be co-starring for the first time in a live performance. Please tell us your impressions of each other. Yokoyama: A few years ago, when I was with Shokotan (Nakagawa) on a variety show, I talked about various things while traveling on the location bus. At that time, my eyes were shining and I felt various hopes in the words I spoke, and I thought that I was a pure person. I heard that he is also a Disney voice actor and loves to sing songs, so I wanted to be with him someday, but this time it wasn’t there. Shokotan is shining more than before, and I’m really excited to be with him this time. Nakagawa: Thank you very much for your fear! Looking back on myself, singing my favorite anime songs, drawing pictures, playing games, and so on, what I think I love now and my dreams are what I found when I was little. Now, when my dreams come true, I’m glad I’ve lived not only because I’m happy, but also because it’s a memory for the children who will turn the earth for the next generation. ――That’s it! Nakagawa: For example, from “I want to sing a song” to “I want to deliver memories with a song”, as I live, the shape of my dreams changes, and I also live more and more. I feel that it has become fun to be there. In that sense, Mr. Yokoyama is a person who creates a peaceful future, just like the “extreme of emotional education”, wondering how many children have brought smiles, dreams and memories! I’m happy that my dream has come true. The fun is about 800 times more than before. This time, I will try a song that I have never sung, but it is confirmed that I am happy with the performance by singing with “Gohonzon-sama”! Yokoyama: No! What should I do, pressure (bitter smile) .. But I know it’s a waste if I don’t enjoy it. While I was refraining from doing so, I had a lot of time when I had nothing, but when I was able to move and discover something fun, I started to think that it was a waste to have fun.

■ How to enjoy online performances proposed by two people

――This time, you are planning to have 2 performances on live distribution because it is “Todoke Minna no Uchi”. How would you like to enjoy it online? Yokoyama: The system you can see at home has been around for a long time. I think that there were few opportunities for parents and children to touch it. I myself tried to distribute it from myself for the first time with Coronavirus, but when I tried it, it was surprisingly easy and fun. Also, I was wondering how much I could enjoy the live feeling on the terminal and TV, but when I saw it, I felt like I was there, and the video was very beautiful, so “Oh, this way of enjoying There was also, “he said, and I hope the family will find a new way to enjoy it. Also, if you are at the venue, there are moments when you have to look quietly, but at home you can eat snacks, you can swing the towel around without worrying about the surroundings, and I want you to discover various ways to enjoy it. .. Nakagawa: The concert I had been doing every year was canceled this year, and I had my first online live concert in August. There were no customers at the venue and I was wondering what would happen, but when I saw the chat screen when I was doing MC, everyone said “I met my eyes!” In real time, oh! I thought it was amazing. As a YouTuber, I also play live games for about 12 hours, but I can be more natural than usual. Everyone is there and it’s okay! I think it’s connected, so if you watch the live together, it should be insanely fun.

● Daisuke Yokoyama
Born in 1983, from Chiba prefecture. Appeared on the stage such as “The Lion King” during the Shiki Theater Company. In NHK E-Tele’s toddler program “Okasan to Issho”, he has been the “song brother” for nine years, the longest in the history of the program. After graduating in April 2017, he expanded his field of activity to include drama, variety shows, commercial appearances, theatrical performances, and voice actors. In July 2019, he released his first original album “Utabukuro” as a solo artist.

● Shoko Nakagawa
Born in 1985, from Tokyo. Received “Miss Weekly Shonen Magazine” in 2002 and made her debut in the entertainment world. He made his debut as a singer in 2006 after gaining popularity on the blog “Shokotan ☆ Blog” that started in November 2004. Active as a voice actor in the “Pokemon the Movie” and “Tangled” series. In the stage “Maby, Happy Ending” in August 2008, he played the role of a heroine in a double cast with Kana Hanazawa.[Performance information]
“FamilyDreamLive2020 Todoke Minna no Uchi From Maihama Amphitheater”
Cast: Daisuke Yokoyama, Yoshihisa Kobayashi, Risa Uehara, Fuku Suzuki, Private Ebisu Junior High School / Shoko Nakagawa
* Ayaka Yasumoto (private Ebisu Junior High School) does not appear
[Nationwide LIVE distribution schedule]
◆ Sunday, November 29, 2020 14: 30/18: 30
[Theater performance schedule]
◆ November 29, 2020 (Sun) 10: 30/14: 30/18: 30 * Chartered performance at 10:30