Karen Takizawa said, “I had a dream of that girl. ]Directly hit Ryota Yamasato in an emergency special project!

Karen Takizawa and Kei Mukai (Panther) have seen the drama 24 “That girl’s dream,” which will be broadcast on November 28th. 』Appeared in an emergency special project. On this day, with the original author Ryota Yamasato (Nankai Candies), we will talk about the eight episodes that have already been broadcast.

The drama is based on the first short story “Ryota Yamasato Short Story Delusion Novels: I had a dream of that girl” (Tokyo News News), which was created from the images of popular actresses, idols, and models that Yamasato actually exists. .. The serialization started in October 2010 in the monthly TV magazine “BLT”, and the number reached 66 at the time of serialization, from one page of youth that everyone remembers once, a faint and painful romance novel, at once. It has a wide range of content, including amazing fantasy novels. In the drama, Taiga Nakano plays the role of “Ryota Yamasato”.

Sei Shiraishi appeared as a heroine in the 8th episode that was broadcast last time. The talented and talented boss played by Shiraishi was enthusiastic about “Jealousy” on the Internet, saying “Ale to us struggling with dark feelings”.

In this urgent special project, Takizawa, who is charming with innocent and free talk, makes the original author Yamasato a tadbit !? Also, we will introduce plenty of secret stories that can only be heard here. In addition, ask them to tell a secret story about the story that will be broadcast. And Yamasato writes a new crop word with the motif of that most seasonal leading actress !?