Vaundy is confused by the question “How did you start music?” “I’m not honest … (laughs)”

Multi-artist Vaundy made a live appearance on Spotify’s first online live event “Tokyo Super Hits Live 2020” on the 26th. Vaundy who appeared in “Tokyo Super Hits Live 2020” In addition to Vaundy, Arashi, Perfume, End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI), Vickeblanka, etc.[Alexandros], Macaroni Enpitsu, a total of 7 groups will appear. Based on the concept of the playlist “Tokyo Super Hits” that colors the Japanese pop scene, it was also delivered live to 12 countries and regions around the world. Vaundy is a 20-year-old active college student who writes, composes, and arranges all herself, and self-produces artwork design and video. From around 2019, he will post songs on video sites and start activities, announce songs of a wide range of genres, and attract attention on SNS. In the past, he was selected for “Early Noise”, which produced Aimyon and Official Hige Dandism, and was also selected for Spotify’s new commercial “Spotify Premium CM” Spotify Town “”. .. In the live performance, they started with the rap number “Fukakoryoku” which became the CM song of Spotify, and performed popular songs in succession with “Tokyo Flash” whose MV exceeded 16 million plays. In “Kaiju no Hanauta,” which is also known for Oji Suzuka’s appearance in the music video, the lighting was changed to deliver an emotional singing voice. In the talk session with Harry Sugiyama and Yuuki Mihara, who are the moderators, there is also a scene where you are asked “the reason for starting music”. Vaundy smiled, “I’m always asked,” and smiled with a bitter smile, “I wasn’t honest about the reason I started music. “I see it as a part of manufacturing. I’ve been doing a lot of manufacturing since I was a child, and I made toys from cardboard by myself. I draw pictures and make various things as an extension of that, and singing is boring with just karaoke. “Then, I should make it myself”, “he revealed his roots. (C) THINGS.