What is the difference between Sekaowa and End of the World …? Fukase talks about the secret story of Aurora

The 4-member band End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI) made a live appearance on Spotify’s first online live event “Tokyo Super Hits Live 2020” on the 26th. End of the World that appeared in “Tokyo Super Hits Live 2020” In addition to End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI), Arashi, Perfume,[Alexandros], Vickeblanka, Vaundy, Macaroni Enpitsu, a total of 7 groups. Based on the concept of the playlist “Tokyo Super Hits” that colors the Japanese pop scene, it has been disseminated to the world. End of the World, which appeared in the 5th group, started live with “Dropout Boulevard” from the 1st album “Chameleon” released at 00:00 on the 27th. Following Saori’s piano number “Birthday”, “Gone” produced a unique world view in smoke and lighting, and the last was a gorgeous end with the danceable number “Roller skates”. In the talk part with the moderator Harry Sugiyama, he talked about the 1st album “Chameleon”. Nakajin revealed that “it actually took more than 7 years”, “while paralleling Japanese activities, there is a place where the End of the World is no longer made with a different personality” “There are also very twists and turns. We went to different countries, worked with different people, and established our own style through that. It took a very long time. ”He touched on the process of reaching a new frontier. Also, when asked by Harry Sugiyama about “the difference in songwriting between SEKAI NO OWARI and End of the World,” Fukase said, “If the language is different, the liming will be completely different. SEKAI NO OWARI was made by these four people. It’s often completed, but End of the World feels like a project. In a big project that we make sessions with various people, we are part of it as a performer, lyricist and composer. It’s a feeling of being in charge. ” After that, Fukase chose “Gone” at the corner to introduce the recommended songs in the album. “I haven’t sung how my loved one was, but now when I’m not next to me and I see something nice or impressed with something nice, there’s no one next to me. “This is a song that includes my actual experience. I saw the aurora on the way back to Iceland to shoot the music video for’Lost'(the song from the same album).” That’s right. When I saw that aurora, I said, “I’m sure there is a person who tells me this, so I’m sure I’m impressed with this aurora.” He confided a secret story. (C) THINGS.