A comicalized version of the novel by the company slave Lehman, an unknown adventure in the dungeon

A new serialization of Starkey based on the original work by Yuki Kimikawa, “Contemporary Dungeon Strategy Starting with Broken Skills,” has begun on the Web manga site Comic Gardo. The story is set in a world several years after the appearance of dungeons with monsters all over the world. Ryosuke Mizuki, a company-slave office worker who has been relegated to the countryside, witnesses a workplace swallowed by a dungeon at the transfer destination. Mizuki, who went to the dungeon because he couldn’t contact the local employees, met Fairy there and got the cheat skill “Skill Book”. Mizuki has decided to take on an unknown adventure, turning from a dull company-slave life. This work is a comicalized work based on the novel of the same name from the novel posting site, Let’s Become a Novelist. The first volume of the original novel is on sale from Overlap Novels, and two volumes will be released on December 25th.