Collaboration with Yumi Matsutoya at Degawa / Tanaka / Okamura “Small 3” and “FNS Kayosai”

The unit “Small 3” by comedian Tetsuro Degawa, comedian Yuji Tanaka, and Ninety-nine Takashi Okamura will be on the first night of the Fuji TV special program “2020FNS Kayosai” (December 2, 18:30). ~ 23: 28) It was revealed on the 28th that he would appear. Collaborate with Yumi Matsutoya. “2020FNS Kayosai” In the broadcast of the same station variety special program “Degawa / Bakusho Tanaka / Okamura’s Small 3” in March this year, when Small 3 went up to the live stage of Matsutoya, Degawa, who had a surplus of momentum, said “The program Would you like to make a theme song? ” Receiving it, I really made the theme song for the show. It is serious that Masataka Matsutoya will be the arranger and producer. In “Small 3” broadcast on the 28th, Matsutoya contacted me that the theme song was finally completed. Then, while feeling nervous, the song split was discussed, and Small 3 and Matsutoya were depicted as they faced the recording of the theme song. Meanwhile, he announced that he would collaborate with “FNS Kayosai” by pulling this theme song. In addition, it has been decided that Small 3 will participate as a dancer in Matsutoya’s new song. (C) Fuji TV