Daisuke Yokoyama & Shoko Nakagawa noticed in the corona wreck, “What I could see because I stopped”

A live event that can be enjoyed by the family by Daisuke Yokoyama, who served as the “song brother” for the longest 9 years in “Okasan to Issho”, and Yoshihisa Kobayashi, who served as the “gymnastic brother” for the longest 14 years. “Family Dream Live2020 Todoke Minna no Uchi From Maihama Amphitheater” will be held on November 29th at Maihama Amphitheater in Chiba. The live, where members such as Risa Uehara, Fuku Suzuki, and Shiritsu Ebisu Junior High School, who are known as “Risa Sister,” including Yokoyama and others, will gather at the theater, which maintains a social distance, as well as on the WEB. Live distribution will also be carried out. When we talked to Yokoyama, who has been the driving force behind this live performance, and Shoko Nakagawa, who will be participating for the first time this time, he talked about his thoughts on the event and what he felt during the corona disaster.Shoko Nakagawa (left) and Daisuke Yokoyama

■ At first, “It’s the end of the world” …

――This “Family Dream Live” was held online and in real life. What kind of consciousness do you have? Yokoyama: People who didn’t know how to enjoy online events, including myself. I think that there were many, but by taking a step forward and touching it, you can have a more enjoyable time than you thought, so I wonder if this will be an opportunity for new forms to spread more and more. Also, I’ve always wanted parents to enjoy the event to the fullest. I think the children are really looking at the facial expressions of the parents who participate with them. Moreover, this time, I can watch it at home, so I hope parents and children will watch it together and refresh themselves. In addition, I thought it would be great if I could enjoy and participate in the event even more. Nakagawa: I was really happy when I heard that I could sing with Mr. Yokoyama, even though I was afraid. There were many things this year, but once again I realized that I love this job, and I’m really grateful to be on stage this time. It feels like “I’m feeling down, but I’m fine.” ――What did you think of the two during the period of self-restraint in the Corona? Yokoyama: I felt that time had stopped. After graduating from “Okasan to Issho” for 9 years, I was given various opportunities to take on challenges, and when I was having fun every day, everything stopped. The schedule has become even more straightforward, asking, “Will I run out of work so much?” At first I thought I was finally able to take a day off, but after that, as the situation got worse and worse, I was confused. Nakagawa: I always have a low self-affirmation asking, “Is it okay for me to do this kind of work?”, So I felt the joy of having a live performance or concert every time, and said, “This may be the last time.” I was doing what I wanted. But thankfully, I’ve been working for such a long time, and I’ve been working so long that I only take New Year’s holidays, so I was shocked when all of them disappeared. At first, I didn’t know that everyone was in the same situation, and I thought, “It’s the end of the world.”

■ If you spend the same time, you should have fun

――How did you change your mind from there? Yokoyama: When you find out that everyone is struggling in the same situation, first of all, it’s only once in your life, so rather than lamenting the current environment, spend the same time. I’ve come to think that it’s better to have fun if you’re spending time. So I switched to doing what I wanted to do someday. When I started cooking, reading a collection of books, and watching a movie, I thought, “It’s surprisingly fun!” And naturally became positive. However, I was thinking of doing muscle training and stretching when I had some time, but I couldn’t do it at all, so that’s the biggest reflection point (bitter smile). Of course, many concerts were canceled, and there are still many times when I can’t be positive because of the corona. But in that case, I go to bed early (laughs). Then the next day, I almost forget it. Nakayama: Because I had time, I thought “YouTube” and started doing it. Before I started, I had to continue if I wanted to do it, and I couldn’t sleep because I thought too much about whether it would be embarrassing if the numbers didn’t increase, but when I started the game live on YouTube, it turned out to be “What’s this! Super fun!” hand. Moreover, overseas people who are locking down also saw me, and I thought that the feeling of glitter and excitement that I had when I started blogging has returned. Also, I spent more time with cats, so when I tweeted that the cat stood up and twisted the doorknob, I received a remote interview about the cat from an information program (laughs). Also, I’m not good at exercising, but I got really fat and started taking a walk because I wanted to breathe in the outside air. As a result, I was glad that I lost 4 kg.

■ I didn’t want to make 2020 a sad year

――You made various discoveries even in the corona wreck. Yokoyama: It was very big for me to stop once and think about various big themes in my life. However, I worked hard on what was in front of me, and when I realized it, I felt like I was here now, but I wonder if I had time to calm down in a good way. It’s been almost 5 years since I graduated from the song brother, but as a milestone, I think I’ve had time to charge while thinking about what I want to do in the future. There was a moment when I stopped once during the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, and at that time I was still an active singing brother, so I wondered how I could deal with the children, and singing brother. It was a year in which the way we should be was completely changed. After that, I got into this situation again, but because I stopped, there were many things I could see, so I feel like I can take a new step again next year. Nakagawa: I was sung by Corona, and I was allowed to sing the ending song of a TV anime, but I thought I would sing it like a singing sister. At first, it was the year when the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics were scheduled, so I intended to make it a cheerful cheering song, but I changed the lyrics and said, “I’m always by your side even if I’m far away.” I put in the feeling that I couldn’t find it. Entertainment that makes you smile still tends to stop, but I definitely didn’t want to make 2020 a sad year. I did the stage this year, and I felt that it was a miracle that no one was infected until the end, and I wish I could make someone smile. .. It was also a year when I realized that it was really important to take new steps. I would like to continue to connect with everyone and discover interesting and fun things.

● Daisuke Yokoyama
Born in 1983, from Chiba prefecture. Appeared on the stage such as “The Lion King” during the Shiki Theater Company. In NHK E-Tele’s toddler program “Okasan to Issho”, he has been the “song brother” for nine years, the longest in the history of the program. After graduating in April 2017, he expanded his field of activity to include drama, variety shows, commercial appearances, theatrical performances, and voice actors. In July 2019, he released his first original album “Utabukuro” as a solo artist.

● Shoko Nakagawa
Born in 1985, from Tokyo. Received “Miss Weekly Shonen Magazine” in 2002 and made her debut in the entertainment world. He made his debut as a singer in 2006 after gaining popularity on the blog “Shokotan ☆ Blog” that started in November 2004. Active as a voice actor in the “Pokemon the Movie” and “Tangled” series. In the stage “Maby, Happy Ending” in August 2008, he played the role of a heroine in a double cast with Kana Hanazawa.[Performance information]
“FamilyDreamLive2020 Todoke Minna no Uchi From Maihama Amphitheater”
Cast: Daisuke Yokoyama, Yoshihisa Kobayashi, Risa Uehara, Fuku Suzuki, Private Ebisu Junior High School / Shoko Nakagawa
* Ayaka Yasumoto (private Ebisu Junior High School) does not appear
[Nationwide LIVE distribution schedule]
◆ Sunday, November 29, 2020 14: 30/18: 30
[Theater performance schedule]
◆ November 29, 2020 (Sun) 10: 30/14: 30/18: 30 * Chartered performance at 10:30