Haruna Kawaguchi, Thoughts on YouTube and Variety “I want you to feel closer”

Actress Haruna Kawaguchi will appear on the official YouTube channel “Haruna Kawaguchi Official Ha-channeru” on the 22nd. In addition to talking about his enthusiasm for the play, he revealed his thoughts on YouTube and variety shows. Haruna Kawaguchi In the video “The Way of the Househusband” released on this day, an SP guest came![Interview]when asked about the future actress business, Kawaguchi said, “This person or something like this. Rather than wanting to do something, it’s all about ties. I have no choice but to meet such works that seek and need me, and build up what I can do one by one. ” This year was a year of striving to become an actress, such as appearing in NHK’s taiga drama “Kirin ga Kuru” and the NTV drama “The Way of the Househusband”, but “Rather than setting goals ahead, now I want to do my best to do something, “he said with a smile,” I want to gain more experience and more opportunities to enjoy the play. ” Also, on the official YouTube channel that just opened this year, he showed off his natural appearance, such as returning home and showing the morning routine that starts from waking up, and is often talked about. Kawaguchi revealed that he started by saying, “I want you to feel closer to me than an actress or entertainer.” Through YouTube and variety shows, “I want to be a person who can be known by various people. Feel close to me.” I want to be a person who can get it. ”