Masayoshi Yamazaki reveals the secret story of a famous song “The song that I was fully prepared to use in the song in the play”

Singer Masayoshi Yamazaki will appear in Square Enix’s “Romancing SaGa Reuniverse” 2nd Anniversary CM “Romasaga RS Romancing SaGa Fan”. The commercial will be broadcast from the 29th. From the “Romasaga RS Romancing SaGa Fan” edition, Masayoshi Yamazaki CM features Yamazaki wearing a costume inspired by the in-game bard, and the representative song “One more time, One more chance” at a bar full of exoticism. Play and talk. Yamazaki playing “Romancing SaGa Reuniverse” at the counter. This time, the commercial commemorates the 2nd anniversary of “Romancing SaGa Reuniverse”, but “One more time, One more chance” is also a song released by Yamazaki in the second year of his major debut. Yamazaki said, “It was a song that was made when I hadn’t made my debut yet, and I was warming up with the staff as an important ballad song. The work of the movie” Moon and Cabbage “was the first or second year of my debut. At that time, the content of the song was very linked to the scenario of the movie, so it was a song that I was fully prepared to use in the song in the play, “remembering how this song was announced,” Long I’m singing, and I have a lot of feelings about it, “he said with deep emotion. Also, when I asked Yamazaki, who is 25th anniversary of his debut this year, what he wants to do by the 30th anniversary and his goals, he said, “I’m worried about my health … I wish I could continue my activities. I want to take on new challenges, I hope there is still room for growth in the guitar, and I hope that the song itself will be deepened, “said the stoic side of music activities. I took a peek.