Photographing a mother with dementia and a father who cares for the elderly … Director Nobutomo’s thoughts on “Because it’s blurry”

Fuji TV’s documentary program “The Nonfiction” will be broadcast on the 29th (13: 40- * Kanto Local) “Welcome back mom-after that,” I’m blurry, thank you. “-“. It was released in 2018 and recorded an unusual hit as a documentary movie, “I’m blurry, thank you. After that, the story of the care of my mother is drawn. Directed by Naoko Nobutomo, the film carefully depicts the inside of a family with a mother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease from the perspective of being a daughter. What are the thoughts you put into the work of close-up photography with your parents?Father Yoshinori (left) and mother Fumiko (C) Fuji TV

■ Shooting while crying at first

The movie depicts the days when a father over 90 begins caring for his mother in his late 80s. Director Nobutomo said that he created it because he felt that it was his mission as a director to continue shooting, even though he thought that he should quit his job and return to his parents’ house. In the play, there are many sad scenes such as a mother who used to be strong makes a soft noise saying “I don’t want to bother my family”, but “When I say that, I really can’t help my daughter. I was so sorry for not having it, and at first I was crying together. As a director, I’m training to imagine people’s feelings, so when I imagine my mother’s feelings, I think I’m really desperate and cry. “It was,” recalls shooting in a difficult situation. However, “When my mother is depressed, I get depressed in Tokoton, but when I get too depressed, I get tired and fall asleep. When I wake up after that, I am already in neutral and I am returning to my usual happy mother. I thought it would be a loss if I was depressed, and I learned how to do it, “he said. The catch phrase of the movie was “a record of 1200 days taken while crying”, but even so, “I never wanted to stop (shooting) because I was switched on as a director.” Affirmation. “It’s blurry, so thank you. The title is a word actually spoken by the mother who appears in the play, but “My mother was good at black humor and self-deprecation. It’s a motherly word, so I thought it was absolutely this.” He revealed the reason for the naming.

■ “Father, mother and my joint work”

After the movie was shown, it got a lot of attention, and among them, “I feel like I met my deceased father and mother.” I’m very happy. Most of the people said, “Our work is more than anything else.” My parents start talking about their impressions. ” “My mother exposed me to that old ugliness, and my father also exposed me, saying,’Look at it. That’s what it means to live and grow older.'” I think he showed me that, “It’s your job to convey that”. (After the screening) When I went out to the stage greetings, everyone was really I’m crying and I feel a fever. I was wondering if I could put it out so far (inside my family), but when I saw it, I thought it was a joint work of my father, mother and me, so did I put it out? I really think that there was, “he said to bite.

■ Farewell time to visit a couple who have been with me for over 60 years

Even after the movie was completed, Director Nobutomo continued to shoot his parents, which will be broadcast in this “Welcome back mom-then” I’m blurry, thank you. “”. Meanwhile, the incident happened in October 2018. My mother collapsed due to a stroke. Fortunately, he survived, but he remained paralyzed on his left side. My mother started rehabilitation saying “I want to go home”, and my father went to visit every day to encourage him. And my father started muscle training at the age of 98 so that my mother could go home at any time. However, although my mother recovered by the time she could walk, a new cerebral infarction was found and she became paralyzed. Father who falls asleep when he hears it … Director Nobutomo thinks of a “secret plan” that he wants to bring his mother home because it’s okay to do it once. The last days of a long illness. How will a couple who have been together for more than 60 years reach the time of farewell? This is a record of private care, but it is a story that anyone can see and feel as if they were themselves or their parents.