Tomi releases a swimsuit off-shot with strawberries from the debut gravure of the idol group “2i2”

Tomi, who belongs to Zeroichi Familia, updated Twitter on Thursday, 26th. The off-shot of “Weekly Young Jump” (Shueisha) released on December 3 has been released.

[Photo]The latest off-shot with Tomi’s strawberries that “gets more cute every time you look at it.”

Tomi has an innocent look and an unbalanced bust. The 1st photo book “Tominiko” (Shueisha) released this year is also gaining momentum, and it is also attracting attention by participating in the idol “2i2” that will debut on December 3rd.

Tomi will debut as # 2i2 (Nini) at the same time as jacking #Weekly Young Jump No. 1 from the cover to the end of the book on sale on 12/3 (Thursday) on Monday, 26th! Updated. A pink swimsuit off-shot with a strawberry in hand has been released.

In the post, there are voices such as “I’m deeply moved because I knew Tomi-chan in Yangjan”, “Congratulations on my idol debut!” It was sent.

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