Anyone can do it!Tips for ordinary people to save “10 million yen”

◆ “By when” is the first step to 10 million yen

There are many people who want to save money but don’t quite like it. Therefore, it is important to clarify when the target amount will be saved.

◆ Clarify monthly savings from goals

Lifestyles vary from person to person, so it’s a good idea to first clarify when you’ll save 10 million yen.

For example, if you want to save 10 million yen in 10 years, you have to save 1 million yen in 1 year. If you can save 83,000 yen per month, you can clear 10 million yen.

83,000 yen a month is not an amount that can be easily generated. However, if you work for a company that provides bonuses, you can save money from them and reduce your monthly burden, right?

Have you heard of this somewhere? Yes, it’s the same as the mortgage system. Bonus payment is a method that can be used not only for loans but also for savings.

By accumulating with bonuses, you can reduce the amount of money you spend on savings every month, and you will have more space in your daily life. Also, if you can save by adding to the monthly savings, the speed of saving will increase further.

However, it is “Shut up the crying child? 10 million yen”. Some people may not be able to do it in 10 years. Therefore, let’s first determine the amount that you can generate and then decide the reserve amount.

A 20-year plan costs 41,500 yen a month, and a 30-year plan costs 28,000 yen a month. If you save with a bonus, 10 million yen will be a target amount not so far.

◆ Let’s calculate the amount of savings from the income of the entire household

If a person living alone reads this article, it may end up with the word “impossible”, but considering the total income earned by the family after getting married, 1 million yen a year is not difficult. You can feel it …

Changes in family composition often lead to further consumption, but they also create opportunities to save.

If you review your monthly savings at the timing of changes in your lifestyle and family structure, you will be able to reach your goal of 10 million yen earlier than planned.

◆ Set the savings period with a margin

Once I have set a goal, I want to save money all at once, but the problem is the feelings of my family.

If a person who does not have a saving habit suddenly starts saving, the way of using and saving money will change.

Even if you think you are heading toward your goal, it is possible that you will have a temperature difference with your family. If you are a married couple, discuss what you are trying to save for, such as for your own home fund or for retirement fund, and then start.

Saving is one of the habits. If you change your lifestyle abruptly, you may not be able to continue your motivation and motivation. Please do not set unreasonable goals.

If you find it difficult, please verify that the plan you have made is reasonable. Candies and whips are needed to continue saving.

Don’t forget to reward yourself and your family as you work toward your goals!

Sentence = Michiko Iida (Money Guide)