Cosplayer Asuka Nekota, “Perfect” in a turtleneck photo full of adult sex appeal

Asuka Nekota, a cosplayer, updated Twitter on Saturday, 28th. Cute selfie shots in turtleneck knits are a hot topic.

[Photo]Shortcut x turtleneck destructive power, self-portrait shot of Asuka Nekota

Asuka Nekota, a cosplayer who loves cats and beautiful girls. Taking advantage of her slender, transparent constriction and cute looks, she has become a variety of characters, while her plain clothes and uniforms have also been well received.

This time, Nekota posted a selfie photo wearing a blue turtleneck knit. It looks a little more mature than usual, with neat shortcuts and white, shimmering bare skin.

Many fans commented on this post, such as “Very mature atmosphere! Nice”, “Beautiful balance between turtle and short”, and “Perfect”.

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▽ Asuka Nekota
Instagram: nekota_ashu