Kana Hanazawa I’m very nervous about the musical appearance !? “” I don’t have a heart! “I thought”

“BAR in the radio” “TOKYO SPEAKEASY” broadcast on TOKYO FM from Monday to Thursday at 1:00 pm. The guests on November 17th (Tuesday) are voice actor Kana Hanazawa and actor Ryo Kato. Here, we looked back on the story when Mr. Kato shot the leading stage and the situation until the day of the stage.

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(From left) Kana Hanazawa, Ryo Kato

◆ “I also play the leading role …” (Kato)

Hanazawa: Ryo-kun is really doing a lot of things, isn’t he?

Kato: Yeah.

Hanazawa: I’m already a voice actor, and I’ve had the experience of seeing and imitating various seniors at the scene. You see, Ryo-kun plays the leading role (such as the stage “Patalliro!”), Right? Not really !?

Kato: No, thank you. But I didn’t expect to play the leading role either. I was really surprised.

Hanazawa: Is that so? How was that (stage “Patalliro!”) Decided?

Kato: Just during the production of the stage “Live spectacle” NARUTO “” (I’ve talked about it), the producer is the same person.

Hanazawa: That’s right.

Kato: That’s right. Mr. Matsuda of Nelke Planning said something like “I’ve been talking about it now because I wanted to play the stage with Ryo as the lead.” That was “Patalliro!”

Hanazawa: Huh, that’s amazing!

Kato: But at that time, I didn’t make any foray into variety shows.

Hanazawa: Oh, that’s right.

Kato: That’s why Mr. Matsuda, who decided to put me in the middle, said, “It’s really amazing.”

Hanazawa: I think it was already shiny around the time of “NARUTO”.

Kato: That would be great.

◆ “I can’t believe it too much …”

Kato: But Kana-chan is also starring on the stage, isn’t she?

Hanazawa: No … I was allowed to do a musical (“Maby, Happy Ending”) in August of this year, but the atmosphere that I express on the spot is different, as is the drama, the stage, and the voice actors. Because the demands are different … I thought something “I don’t have a heart” anymore.

Kato: Uh!

Hanazawa: I’m so worried that I can’t believe myself. It’s like going alone the day before the show and then going to the show on the morning of the day. Anyway, “I’m scared if I don’t ruminate.”

Kato: I really understand. I also do a lot when I’m on stage.

Hanazawa: Oh, that’s right. Then, isn’t it wrong?

Kato: I don’t think it’s wrong! I was walking from the rehearsal hall to my house. About 2 hours.

Hanazawa: Do you walk for two hours !? It’s amazing!

Kato: In the meantime, I’ve been doing something like “keep ruminating and saying the lines.”

Hanazawa: That’s right! It’s a steady effort (laughs).

2 people: Hahaha (laughs).

* * *

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