Megumi Kaneko and her husband, Kensuke Miyazaki, are disappointed with the second affair report, but “I’m not thinking about divorce.”

Kensuke Miyazaki, a former member of the House of Representatives who was reported to have an affair for the first time in four years, appeared on the TBS information program “Sunday Japon” (every Sunday from 9:54) with his wife, former member of the House of Representatives Megumi Kaneko. Appeared live with and apologized. Kaneko stated, “I’m not thinking about divorcing.” Mr. Kensuke Miyazaki and Mr. Megumi Kaneko Mr. Miyazaki said, “I had a consultation with a woman in the form of a correspondence. While listening to serious stories, I felt like encouraging and encouraging. However, I came out in a careless manner and went to the hotel designated by the woman, and there was excessive communication. ” “As a result, I regret that I hurt my wife and family so much. One more thing, to the acquaintances and the general public who wanted to trust me again. However, I would like to reflect on the fact that I have greatly disappointed that expectation. I am sorry. ” Mr. Kaneko said, “Even though I really suffered from the last scandal, I was honestly disappointed at the same time as I thought” again? “And” why? “In a word, I thought” again … “. He confessed his feelings, saying, “I want you to reflect firmly and show your attitude from here.” He added, “I’m wondering what it’s like to be a person to repeat the same mistakes, but I think I have to keep an eye on my future attitude. I’m not thinking about divorcing.” Told.