Gordon Maeda, first starring in terrestrial drama Hinatazaka46 Miho Watanabe and love story

Actor Gordon Maeda will star in the terrestrial drama for the first time in the two-night drama series “Kimi to Naruto Hoshi” (January 4th and 5th next year, 24: 59-25: 29). It became clear on the 30th. Gordon Maeda (left) and Hinatazaka46, Miho Watanabe This drama is the winning work of the novel contest “1st Reiwa Novel Award” by Nippon Television, Aniplex, and LINE. It is a love story that begins with the fateful encounter between Hideboshi, who continues to get lost in his life, and Nasa, who has been hospitalized and discharged repeatedly due to heart disease and is fascinated by the star, Nasa, who cannot see the future. It is Maeda who plays the main character, Hideboshi. The heroine Nasa is played by Miho Watanabe of Hinatazaka46. In addition, Mizuki Itagaki, Sara Takatsuki, and Kyusaku Shimada will appear. The comments by Maeda and Watanabe are as follows.

■ Maeda Go Atsushi

When I read the script of this work for the first time, it was a love story, but I felt that it was a work with various messages that were very profound.
The role of Hideboshi, which I play, has a big dream of becoming an astronomer, and I am worried about my career and life, and I am not good at human relationships, so it is difficult to open my heart to people.
I met Nasa on the axis of “I like stars”, and I became more and more attracted to Nasa’s unique way of thinking, and the way of dealing with Nasa, who is not good at human relationships, and the way of thinking changed. I play with an awareness of the gradation.
I’m close to Hideboshi, and I’ve had the experience of feeling the conflict with what I want to do and the difficulty of relationships, so there are many places where I overlap with myself in terms of role. It was easy to play.
This time, I will be starring in a terrestrial drama for the first time, but as usual, I started shooting with the same importance as usual, without worrying about anything special. The atmosphere at the site is very nice and it may be that the roles are suitable, but it is very comfortable.
I hope to deliver this work in a good form together with the staff and the cast.

■ Miho Watanabe

I was honestly happy to hear about this drama.
I really like acting work, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to take on this challenge.
I was thrilled by the mysterious world view of this work and read the script carefully.
At first I felt pressure, but I think I’m shooting with a sense of tension.
I think Nasa Kotosaka, who I play, is a bright and very strong child. From her appearance fighting her own illness, she conveyed her straightforward desire to “live.”
I was worried about how to express Nasa’s supple strength, but I made it with the advice of the director.
From this work, I hope you can feel the importance of connecting with people and the preciousness of everyday life.
I also wanted to live straight without forgetting the feelings of people.
It’s not a word, but a feeling of communication and a sense of distance between the two people, and it’s packed with exciting science fiction elements that make it a new love story, so I hope you enjoy watching it. Immediately after the drama broadcast, Hulu’s original story “Kimi who wanted to be a star-another story-” was delivered. Incorporating new scenes, the development and ending will be different from the terrestrial broadcast version. (C) NTV