“Licca Castle” will be held in Yokohama! There is also an original outfit corner ♪

From December 2nd (Wednesday) to 7th (Monday), 2020, the event “Licca-chan Castle in SOGO YOKOHAMA” will be held at Sogo Yokohama store where the original products of “Licca-chan” will be gathered.

“Licca-chan” is a dress-up doll that has been loved for generations since its release in 1967 as a toy that can be played with dresses, makeup, hair arrangements, and playhouses from the age of three.
In Fukushima Prefecture, there is Japan’s only integrated production open factory for Licca-chan dolls, “Licca-chan Castle”.

During the exhibition, in addition to selling original dolls and accessories, there will be a plan where you can coordinate your favorite hair color, hairstyle, and fashion items, and a photo spot where you can take pictures with life-sized Rika.

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