Miyuki Watanabe, horns grew"Waruki"Selfie shots are too destructive! Voice

Talent Miyuki Watanabe updated Twitter on Sunday, 29th. A self-portrait of a small devil processing reminiscent of “Waruki” has been released and is attracting attention.

[Photo]Miyuki Watanabe’s grown-up “warky” little devil shot

After graduating from NMB48 in 2016, Miyuki Watanabe resumed her solo activities in 2018 after a charging period of about two years. In December of last year, he launched the production unit “Ange et Folletta”, and he has been attracting attention because he belongs to it for only two years.

Watanabe, who gained popularity as a small devil character and was loved by the nickname “Waruki”. This time, we released a “stamp like a warki” and a cute photo of a horn that was taken by a small devil filter.

Many fans commented on this post, such as “Who is Miyuki-chan, who is both a small devil and an angel ?!”, “Adults are so sexy!”, And “Too destructive!”

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▽ Miyuki Watanabe
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