Shinichi Tsutsumi, Yurina Hirate, Masanobu Ando, ​​and others !? “The Fable” scene photo

A scene photo of the movie “The Fable Hitman” (released February 5, 2021) starring Junichi Okada of the idol group V6 was released on the 15th. Movie “The Fable Hitman” This work is a movie adaptation of a popular manga by Katsuhisa Minami. The so-called “Fable” (Okada), who is feared in the underworld as a “genius killer” who will surely kill the target with overwhelming strength and accurate skill within 6 seconds, said, “I will take a year off from the killer, Osaka I was ordered to live a normal life as an ordinary person, Akira Sato, and I had to live in the everyday world. The movie “The Fable” was released in June 2019 and became a hit with a cumulative total of more than 1.3 million people, and this time the sequel and series have been decided. The new characters that will be participating in the series for the first time, such as Utsuho (Shinichi Tsutsumi), Hinako (Yurina Hirate), Suzuki (Masanobu Ando), Izaki (Jun Kurose), etc., have been released this time. A new scene photo of the enemy, Utsuhoichi. Utsuho, the most crazy enemy of this work, is a dangerous man who ostensibly acts as a representative of the NPO “Protecting Children from Danger” in the city where Akira lives, but behind the scenes, he plans carefully to erase overprotective young people. So, once he was the only target of the “legendary killer, The Fable”, he escaped and was burning revenge on the Fable in the wake of “a certain incident”. Hinako, a girl in a wheelchair who couldn’t save the Fable in a “certain incident” that happened four years ago, seems to be despairing and closing her heart because she is acting with Utsuho for some reason. I happen to encounter Akira in the park, which leads to a later uproar. Suzuki, a killer with long hair and a characteristic all-back, is a cool man who treats “Hash Puppy” as his favorite gun, and while steadily hunting down Fable as Utsuho’s partner, he and Fable’s partner Yoko There is also a sense of urgency MAX engagement. In addition, Izaki, a former member of the Makoto Company who newly joined the Utsuho group, is hated by Hinako because of his vulgar behavior, but later commits a terrible blunder. In the new scene photo, a family-friendly landscape of the Utsuho sect aiming for the Fable was projected. The danger cannot be hidden in the smiling expression of Utsuho staring at Izaki, who is enthusiastic about it with wine in his hand. Hinako stares at the sky with a dark expression, and Suzuki looks like she’s thinking about something else with her eyes down.